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Trickkas is mainly started to provide people some cool stuffs on the internet. Our main motive is to provide quick help to those who are looking for a hand on internet. Here you will know about Android tips and tricks, Windows tips and tricks, hacks for phones, tips for computer and many more which will enhance your internet experience. We don’t say that we have all answers to your problems but we don’t know about your issues either. Feel free to help from us and we’ll definitely solve the problem you’re facing with your computer or phone. You can reach us anytime if you need any of the following:

  • Android Tips
  • Windows Tips
  • How To” issues in your phone or computer
  • Any other on demand help

We are working on to providing more quality content for random topics. If you have any suggestion then feel free to contact us anytime.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold – Why Shouldn’t You Go For It?

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Why Shouldn’t You Go For It? When we talk about smartphone technology, Android and iPhone are the words that come in everyone’s mind. With new development in technology, foldable smartphones (e.g., Samsung Galaxy Fold) are not...

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Mac Vs PC – Which Should I Buy?

Mac Vs PC – Which Should I Buy? Well, this question may get into your heads and makes you wonder. But you’re not the only one here thinking and asking the same thing. There are a lot of people with...

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