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In this post, we would discuss how to compress PDF online free to reduce PDF size. Compressing PDF files sometimes become kind of a headache when you urgently need to upload it. There is always the risk of low quality when compressing PDF too much. In the next few minutes, we are going to discuss best ways to compress PDF online while maintaining quality. 

Why do you need to reduce PDF size?

We all understand the fact that more the size of a digital file, more there would be quality. It means if your PDF file or image file is too large then there are many chances that it has the best quality. But many websites do not allow very large files to be uploaded. For example, if you are filling out some forms on the Govt. website or any company website, you could see a size limit on the files you upload. 

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why compress PDF Files

These website owners usually do this to prevent load on their server. That is the biggest reason people search for solutions to compress PDF files online. So let’s find out the best way to compress PDF file without compromising with the quality.

Smallpdf – Compress PDF Online For Free

Smallpdf is an online tool that allows you to compress PDF online free without installing any software on your computer. You can also do other things such as converting PDF to Docx, merge, and edit PDF files. They support PDF files up to 5GB size. 

Smallpdf reduce PDF size to 144 dpi that is suitable for web and email. 

smallpdf logo - free online pdf tools

How to compress the files using Smallpdf:

  1. Visit and select compress pdf from the menu
  2. Browse files from your computer/dropbox/Google Drive or drop it on the web page
  3. Choose from basic or strong compression (depending upon size and quality)
  4. Now it would take some time depending upon the file size and compression ratio
  5. Your file would automatically start downloading once the compressing is done.

Note: Pro compress is a paid version and offers high-quality compression. You can subscribe to 14 days of the free trial or $12/month. 

iLovePDF – Free Online PDF Compression Tools

iLovePDF is another online tool by which you can easily compress PDF file to reduce PDF size free. The tool is somewhat similar to Smallpdf but offers more features and completely free tools. Although, you can upgrade to the paid version for more features and remove ads. But, it is still a good online tool to compress your PDF file easily. 

ilovepdf logo to reduce file size

How to use iLovePDF to Compress PDF files

  1. Visit and go to compress pdf from the menu
  2. Select of drop the PDF file that you want to compress (you can select it from your Google Drive or Dropbox)
  3. Now select the compression level or add more files to save your time. (free version supports 2 files per task for the PDF compression)
  4. Click on Compress PDF and your file would be ready in few seconds. It would automatically download and you get the option to share the file online. 
  5. Files are automatically deleted after 2 hours to make sure you download the file before that. 

Other online tools to compress PDF Online Free:

There are more similar tools online that you can use to reduce the size of PDF for free. These tools are similar to the two mentioned above. All you have to do is visit the website and go to compress PDF option. Then everything else remains the same. Although, you may notice a difference in the service they provide. For example, some have different limits on their tools. You might not be able to compress huge files on all online tools. Here are some of the free online tool to compress PDF and reduce size:

  • (Also provide desktop application)

Do not forget to mention your favourite tool to compress PDF online free. We would add more working awesome tools on the list. 

Should I choose online tools to compress PDF files?

Now, you have known some methods to compress your PDF files size for web or email. But, did some question comes to your mind about security? Well, these are online tools and the security is never 100% when working with the clouds. We come to know about many data breaches on big company servers. 

Although, these tools mention that files are automatically deleted after a specific time of the uploads. Smallpdf offers to delete the files within 1 hour while iLovePDF do the same in 2 hours. But if you file contains sensitive matter then it is never suggested to use online tools for such task. Please keep in mind the following points before you try compressing PDF files online:

  • Always works on the HTTPS websites only.
  • Check for the encryption details on the website
  • Do not forget to read the privacy policy (That does not take too long if you are concerned about your privacy)
  • Smallpdf would only work in incognito mode if you have a registered account with them.
  • Check the file limits and delete the file by yourself after your work is done.
  • For sensitive documents, always use offline tools to compress, convert, edit any document file.

Compress PDF files using Adobe Acrobat

You can use Adobe Acrobat tools for all PDF editing works and to reduce PDF size. Most of the organizations prefer Adobe Acrobat for compressing their PDF files. This is a more secure and controlled way of editing a PDF file.

  1. Open the Optimize PDF tool from the tool center
  2. Now select the file you want to compress
  3. On the top menu, select reduce size option
  4. Now you need to select the compatibility version, this would determine the compression level and size of the PDF file
  5. A save dialogue box would appear, rename and save your reduced size PDF file.

for more detailed info please visit the official help website or you can contact us to reduce PDF size. 

Those were some of the best options by which you can compress PDF online and reduce PDF size easily. If you still face some issue, please feel free to get in touch with us. You can also comment down your suggestions and feedback to help the fellow viewers.

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