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If you’re facing computer hanging problem, then there might be several reasons behind. You can fix such issue in very less time if you know the basic problem that is causing issues in the computer. This may be because of an older computer and the hardware may not support new software or this may be because of recent changes you have made to your computer or your computer is hanging because of some virus and malware. Whatever the issue, let’s try to fix it within few minutes.

Find the issue

This is the first thing that you must do is try to find the issue which cause computer freezing. Try to recall the last changes you made to your computer. If your computer is hanging after you’ve downloaded something or uninstalled any program, then that might be your culprit. If you recall and find the issue, then its good otherwise we can start with the basic things first. A computer might start freezing because any of the issue below:

  • Old hardware
  • Installing or uninstalling a program
  • Driver issue
  • Too much application
  • Less disk storage
  • Security issues
  • Low RAM
  • Using an incompatible software
  • Outdated operating system

Clear the junk to avoid Computer Hanging

Clearing the junk can avoid computer freezing (hanging) issue for a limited time. When computer process any task in the system, it uses specific amount of storage to store the temporary files. Sometimes, when you uninstall any program, some files and empty folders are left behind. These all things use the computer space and might cause issue in other software processing. It is best to clear all these junks before it hangs your computer in the middle.

  • Enter in the temporary folder by typing %temp% in the “Run Box”
  • Now permanently delete all the files inside that folder

Sometimes you must clear the junk files by yourself by visiting the drives in the computer, which is not feasible and not recommended to do. You can use some free tools such as CCleaner or AVG PC TuneUp to clear unwanted junk files and improve your computer performance.

Stay Updated

Make sure all the software in your computer is up to date with the latest software version. If you are using a Windows computer then you should keep your copy of Windows updated as the updates bring changes which are required according to the hardware. Those updates also fix some bugs in your Windows computer and fix minor and major issues. If you’re using a Mac computer then you should keep your Mac updates as it always brings something good for your computer.

Too Much Background Activities Cause Computer Hanging

There are several applications / programs which have background activities. These programs continue to work in the background and use computer resources such as RAM, CPU, Power etc. This could be possible that when you run an application, it might not get enough resource to perform the action and that will freeze your computer in the middle. This is recommended that you terminate all unnecessary background activities from your computer. You can perform this action by terminating the application from the Task Manager in Windows computer:

disabling background activities in the task manager to avoid computer hanging problems
  • Right click on the taskbar and click on the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Escape)
  • Right click on the application and click on End Task
  • Make sure you end task of known activity only, there might be some issue if you unknowingly terminate any Windows system activity.

 Disable Automatic Startup

This is not possible that you have to terminate background activities and application daily you turn ON your computer. We recommend you disable the automatic startup of any application that is not something you use daily. By disabling the app, you will have to manually run the application by yourself and it won’t use any resources before that. To do so, you will have to visit Task Manager again.

  • Open the Task Manager with any of the way you like
  • Switch to the Startup tab and see which application has High or Medium startup impact
  • Right click on the application and click on Disable

Make sure you disable the application which are not necessary to start automatically. If you are using browser plugins and you disable those then the plugin may not work. For example, if you disable internet download manager, then your download might not start automatically next time your boot up your computer. Disabling the unwanted application is really good solution to computer hanging problems as it will allow Windows to load faster.

Add More RAM

RAM is Random Access Memory; it is the memory which computer uses while processing any task. High amount of RAM means your performance will be faster than computer with less RAM. More RAM will not only allow you to run high end applications and games, but it will also prevent computer hanging and freezing issue at some points. Right now, for the latest Windows 10 OS, minimum recommended RAM is 4GB for 64-bit processor and 2GB for the 32-bit processor. Make sure you get more than that in your computer.

Disable Background Internet Connection

Your computer and some of its application use internet even when you’re not using them. For example, updating of Windows and drivers usually happened in the background automatically. Using internet need your computer’s resources such as memory, CPU and internet bandwidth too. In the meanwhile, your computer may freeze when it ran out of resources at some points. Make sure you have turned off background internet connection. To do so, you can turn “Metered connection ON” and your internet will not be used in background activities.

Prevent computer hanging by turning on metered connection for background activities

Optimize Computer and Hard drives to prevent unusual computer hanging issue

Well, till now you have come across a several ways to improve your computer speed and prevent freezing computer. This is one of the proven way to optimize your computer and hard drives so that you do not have to face computer hanging problems and avoid any kind of data and time loss. Optimizing the computer means using your computer for its best performance and by optimizing hard drives you optimize the space that you have on your computer. This will allow you to store your data in an organized manner along with faster data loading speed in the computer.

optimizing computer hard drive for faster storage space and disabling uneven freezing of computers

Optimize computer for best performance by following method:

Head over to, Control Panel > System & Security > Power Options > Create Power Plan (Right Bar) > High Performance > Next > Create!

Optimize hard drive space by using this method:

Type “defragment” > Click on “Defragment and Optimize Drives”> Select the drive > “Optimize” > Close.

Use Virtual Memory

This is the last option on the list that will allow you to use your computer without any kind of freezing problems and you will definitely see the improvement and smoothness in computer. Virtual memory is the memory space on the hard drive that compute use as it were RAM. Hence, you can increase the storage amount your computer uses as the RAM and that will increase its performance. Of Course, it won’t be much effective as you were using actual additional RAM, but this will work in the case if you are not left with much options. To do so, you can use the following simple method to try on your computer:

In the Windows 10 search box type “performance” > Click “Adjust Appearance & Performance of Windows”> Under Advance click on Change.  > Deselect Automatic settings > Select Drive > Custom Size > Select Initial & Maximum Size > OK.

Those were few ways in which you can increase your computer speed and avoid freezing and hanging of your computer system. You can try more that include using Solid State Drives instead of Hard Disks or compressing disk space. Above were some of the easiest and quickest method of fixing computer problems. Still, if you get more issues that you can’t fix on your own, please feel free to contact us for a free computer fixing and clean up.

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