Fix laggin in PUBG Mobile

How to fix Lag in PUBG or Fix Lagging Issues in PUBG

If you are experiencing lagging issues in PUBG or any other game, then you’re at right place to fix lag in PUBG. Playing high end games with awesome graphics is cool but playing with those amazing graphics is more awesome if you’re playing it on your mobile. Although, mobile gaming is better with high quality games being developed nowadays. Playing these games might become a stressful moment if your favourite game lag while playing. Suppose, you’re playing PUBG mobile and in the middle of the game you get lagging issues in PUBG. What will happen then? Well, someone will put a headshot in you, and you won’t be able to do anything. Follow this 3-minute read to fix lag in PUBG and other lagging issues in Games.

Android or iPhone:

When it come about mobile gaming, this is the first thing you need to take care of. You need to choose between Android and iPhone. Android secure more than 80% of the international mobile market but Android lag in terms of security and performance than most of the iPhones. iPhones have better software update process and provide support to maximum high-end games. Apple iPhones are known for their gaming performance and amazing graphics for the games. If you don’t want to fix lag in PUBG, first decide which smartphone you’re using.

Fix Lag in PUBG in Android

If you are using an Android device then we suggest you use an updated version of Android smartphone. If you can’t upgrade your smartphone frequently then follow the tips to fix lagging issues in PUBG and other games accordingly:

Avoid Lagging by Checking Compatibility

Before installing PUBG game in your Android smartphone, make sure your phone is compatible to run PUBG mobile. If you’re smartphone is not compatible to run PUBG mobile, then we suggest you go for the lite version of PUBG. i.e., PUBG Lite. You can see the compatibility details on description pages of the PUBG on the Google Play Store.

PUBG Lite Requirements to Install in Android Smartphone

Stable Internet Connection:

PUBG is an online game which require you to stay connected with internet all the time. If you’re internet is not stable, then get a stable internet connection first. Disconnection in internet time to time will cause lag in PUBG or any other game which require internet.

Free Up Memory Space:

Make sure you have at-least 5 – 6 GB of storage space available in your smartphone. All the apps and games store cache file and important files while processing the graphics and activities. It is advisable to have some GBs of storage free up to avoid lagging issues in PUBG and other type of lag in mobile.

Terminate Background Activities to Avoid Lag in PUBG

All the application and games use some amount of RAM and processing speed. Minimum amount of RAM required to play PUBG mobile is 2GB. Make sure you do not have much background application running to use that amount of the RAM. Always keep memory and processor free to avoid lags in PUBG mobile.

Cool Phone means Best Performance and No Lagging Issues:

If you want to improve performance of your smartphone while playing PUBG mobile or doing any other activity. Make sure your phone is not getting too much heat. If your smartphone heats up too much, then you need to either replace the battery or clear all the processes to stop the processing which cause the heat. Also, never play PUBG mobile while your phone is charging. This will cause lag in PUBG mobile due to overheating and it might not be safe to use an overheating device.

Tweak the Android Settings with Developer Options:

You can also tweak your phone software by changing some of the developer settings. These settings are hidden in the developer mode in the settings. You can enable developer mode by tapping on “Build Number” in the about settings. After enabling the “Developer options” follow the below steps to fix lag in PUBG game:

Phone Settings tweaks to fix lag in PUBG
  1. Scroll below and move to the “Force GPU rendering” option and turn it ON. Turning it ON will enable the GPU to process the display things. This will give your phone CPU some relax and that will fix lagging issues in PUBG.
  2. Scroll to “Background Process Limit” and set “No Background Processes”. This will terminate all the background activities and you will enjoy no lag in PUBG game play.
  3. Scroll down to “Force 4x MSAA” and turn it ON. Turning it ON will allow your phone to force top performance. Now, this will drastically fix lag in PUBG, but it will use more battery and can reduce battery life. Make sure you phone is full charges before you apply this fix lagging issue in PUBG game.
Limiting the background process in Android smartphone to fix lagging issues in PUBG mobile.

Reduced Frame Rate:

If you do not have high end smartphone, then you should play the PUBG game at reduced frame rate. Frame rate use more CPU and RAM in the smartphone or other device. You can avoid the lags in PUBG by playing it at low frame rate.

Reduce / Auto Adjust Graphics:

If you do not have much graphics processing power in your smartphone, we suggest you reduce the graphics of your PUBG mobile game or play the game by auto adjusting the graphics to avoid any kind of lagging issue in PUBG or any other game you love.

Update Android and PUBG:

Updating the Android and PUBG game will allow you to use best resources and improved graphics quality. The updates also fix lag in PUBG by removing the bugs from the software.

Reboot the Device:

The is the last but not least. This is one of the best tips to improve the electronic devices performance. All you must do is restart or reboot your smartphone time to time. This will clear the apps and free up the RAM which results into fixing of the lagging in PUBG mobile.

Those were some of the best way to fix lag in PUBG mobile game. Start from first method and follow each way to stop lagging in PUBG according to the device performance. Also, if you still need some help to fix lag in PUBG, you can contact us anytime and we will be more than happy to help you.

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