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There are many types of people around us. Before you think about something else let me confirm you that I am not talking about gender differences. I am talking about behavioral differences created by peoples and the technology. Today, the world belongs to two kinds of people, one who takes mirror selfies to let everyone know about their new iPhone. And the other who only craves to grab an iPhone. It doesn’t matter you find android or any other fit for you. But, nothing can beat the desire to get an Apple iPhone. Why did Apple Used Letter “S” previous iPhone Models?

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Although, iPhone and Apple’s other products are most popular because of their price and the user interface. But how many of you actually know about some strange facts about Apple. I am sure many of you (not even iPhone users) are aware about these facts. Today I am going to share some of the interesting facts about Apple you probably don’t know about.

Don’t Ever Smoke Around Apple Computer

Apple will directly refuses to repair your computer if you have ever smoked around it. It doesn’t matter your computer is in warranty or not but they will just deny for repair.

not smoking near apple computer

Slide To Unlock  Belongs To Apple

Slide for Unlock feature is property of Apple and it has patent for it. Apple recently sues Samsung for this feature.

slide to unlock apple

411,000 iPhone Sold Everyday

Yes! It is true. Apple sold around 411,000 iPhones everyday in 2013. Now you can assume the craze for iPhone.


More Cash Than US Treasury:

In 2011, Apple has reserved cash of $75.88 billion, while Washington was running on the balance of $73.77 billion. Isn’t it cool? Well, that is and it is called a remarkable achievement.

cash with apple logo

Code Name For iPod & iPhone

Do you know there was a code name for both iPhone and iPod. iPod was coded as  Duclimer and iPhone was coded as M68.

apple ipod and iphone

Apple 1 Computer Sold For $666.66

The first Apple 1 Computer was sold for $666.66. Isn’t it interesting? But, the amazing thing is that Steve Woznik chose this price only because it was easier to type.

apple 1 computer

Apple Record Everything You Say To Siri

I know all iPhone users have tried to troll Siri with some stupid questions. But, how would you feel when you come to know that Apple record everything you say to Siri. Everything you say is sent to Apple, analyzed and then stored for up to 2 years.
Think one more time before saying stupid to Siri next time.

siri on apple

Issac Newton As Apple’s Original Logo

In the beginning, Apple’s original logo featured Issac Newton. But they later changed it to a half-bitten Apple.

apple logo

Apple’s Retina Display Is Manufactured By Samsung

This might be shocking for those who admire Apple’s hardware and it’s quality. Apple’s iPad’s retina display is actually manufactured by Samsung. Not only this, recently launched iPhone 8 and iPhone X has display manufactured by Samsung once again. Is iPhone Better than Android?

retina display

Steve Jobs Eliminated All Corporate Charity Programs In 1997

Though we have heard about Jobs donating anonymously over the years. But, there was no public record of him giving money to charity.

steve jobs

So these were some of the interesting facts about Apple that you may not have known before. There may be some more facts. If you are aware about some of the facts that we missed please let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you don’t miss any post.

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