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Smartphone: Which Should You Buy?

Smarthphones have become an important part of our life nowdays. Our day to day life is incomplete without our smartphone. We use smartphone to take pictures, communication, saving documents on cloud, playing high quality games and we even sometime use smartphone as a power bank to charge other phone. Smarthpohne is something different from normal phone. As the word says “Smart” means a gadget which is mor than just an electronic item. The smartphone industry has seen a lot of advancement in technology and that’s why there is an upgrade available for a smartphone after every couple of months.

This  tramendous increase in technology has put ourselves in a situation where it’s difficult to choose which smartphone is best for us. There are a lot of manufacturers and every manufacturers have lot of smartphone type with a huge difference in price and features. With this wide variety of smartphones available in the market it’s not easy to decide which one to go for. We always try best to get the best and spend days and even weeks in thinking about best smartphone.

I am here with this post to let you know about few things you must consider before buying a smartphone. Although, this post maynot satisfy you because everyone have their own taste and choice. You will get to know about important things that should  be taken care of.

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Android or iPhone?

This is important first point you must take care of. Are you already locked into Android or iOS. If yes then it’s perfect otherwise you need to first make a choise in between both of these before making decision for a smartphone. Depending on the features, price and requirement of user, Android and iOS are both great but all that matters is brand and few things which every iOS users want in their iPhone and some things which every Android user want in their android smartphone. So, we will move to next point but if you can’t clear out your confusion between iPhone and Android then you can see my another post highlighting some Pros and Cons of Android and iPhone.

Build Quality: Metal or Plastic

Durability of any smartphone depends on its build quality. Generally there are two type of smartphone material available in the market – Metal and Plastic. Also, there are some glass-coated panels too but they are limited and not much popular too. If you are very good at keeping your phone safe (unlike me) then you can go for glass-coated panel as the reflecting body will definitely catch everyone’s eyes. But if you are prone to drop your phone then, I will recommend you to go for Metal or Plastic body as they can sustain drop from 2-3 feet, but glass-body will go shatter your phone and your heart both after a fall.

Screen Size and Display Resolution

The size and resolution of the display depends on how you use your smartphone. If you need smartphone for watching videos, edit photos and videos, play latest games then screen size of 5.5 inch to 6-inch will be sufficient for you along with full-HD or QHD resolution. You may even look for screen size larger than 6-inch but that will be bulky and difficult to carry with you anywhere. If you are a daily-user for everything on your smartphone like work apps, maintaining documents etc. then you should go for either 5-inch or 5.5-inch according to your hand grip.


This is one of the important deciding factor before buying any smartphone for most of the peoples who love taking pictures regularly. Every smartphone is incomplete without a high quality camera which can’t provide you selfie that you love. But, there is also a myth among peoples that more megapixels means better picture quality. Megapixels stands only for size of image. Increase in pixels means sharper image on small screen. There are other specifications which decide quality of your pictures and performance of your camera lens. Autofocus, ISO levels, pixel size, aperture etc are some of the specification which must be keep in mind. It’s not necessary that a 16MP/20MP camera clicks better pictures than 12MP camera. It’s all depends on the requirement of the user what specification you need. So, next time you buy a smartphone don’t forget to check the reviews and other camera specifications rather than only MPs.


Performance is the major part which plays an important role in today’s smartphone. Nobody wants to have a phone which freeze after sometimes and heat up very soon and even restart after seeing huge size apps. The performance of you smartphone hugely depends on your processor (also on RAM, Chipset configuration etc) and the performance of processor depends on Operating System, User Interface etc. So, you need to carefully choose the processor depending upon usage.

If you are a heavy user with lot of applications, playing heavy games, editing videos and photos on your smartphone and using multiple apps simultaneously then high end processors like Qualcomm Snapdragon (652/820/821/835) are best for you and your multitasking capabilities. On the other hand, MediaTek processors can take care of you if you are a ligh user.

Battery and Charging

Smartphone usage play an important role to make any decision about battery capacity. Battery performance depends on how you use your smartphone. If you are a heavy user who works on Apps, Play games, stream videos etc. then you must go for smartphone equipped with atleast 3500mAh battery or above. On the other side, if you are a busy and light user who can’t give your precious time to your smartphone then a 2500-3000mAh battery will be sufficient to run it whole day.

More powerful battery means it will take more time to charge completely. In this situation, you can go for USB Type-C port which support quick charge and you will be able to get 70% battery in around 25 minutes only.

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Operating System and User Interface

The operating system and UI are two joint things which are important for any smartphone user to keep in mind before spending anything. Your smartphone must have creative user interface by which you can use it with an ease. If you want to experience basic features of Android then you can go for Nexus/Pixel, Motorola or Android One handsets. They are kept with basic feature and original Android skin but have some bloatware too.
On the other hand, you can try MIUI, EMUI, ZenUI, Xperia UI, Samsung TouchWiz etc. These are customized android skin provided by smartphone manufacturers to make android more friendly with users. Apart from android UI, iPhone provide different UI, although limited to features but more convenient to use.

Storage (RAM/ROM)

This is the thing you can’t miss before making any decision to purchase any device. Nowdays, with more improvements, large part of storage is consumed by Operating System and pre-installed apps. You can go for 16GB varient if you are sure that you won’t need number of apps in your smarphone but I will recommend you to go for 32GB atleast because you won’t be able to use atleast 30% of your storage. You can go for 64/128GB varient if you need more number of apps or you can even go for 32GB varient with external microSD card support.
RAM is the part you should take care along with ROM. This is the storage type which will affect your device’s performance. According to latest high-end graphics you should go with 2GB RAM atleast to use your phone more conveniently without any lags.


Security is becoming features in smartphone nowdays. Every smartphone make is trying to make their customer feels secure while using their smarthphones. Fingerprint sensor, iris sensor are newest in this extra security category. You can secure you phone along with all your apps and documents with these extra securities.


If you love listening music for hours on your smartphone of streaming of videos then this point is for you. The quality of audio coming out of your phone must be keep in mind before purchasing any smartphone. You can go for front-facing speakers if you love watching videos in landscape mode. Otherwise, bottom-firing speakrs or back placed speakers can work fine.


Last but not least! You need to check the pricing of the smartphone you are planning to purchase. Make sure the smartphone fits in your pocket and budget. You must choose phone depending upon your requirement. Think twice before making any decision whether you really need a premium phone. If not then go for mid-range phone of budget phone which will give you features but won’t burn hole in your pocket.

These were some of the most important feature the you must keep in mind before making any decision to purchase a smartphone. If you have any query or suggestion then feel free to contact us, also don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can get the best out of their pocket. J

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