Android Tricks

Android Tricks – Introduction & Importance

With more than 76% of active users, android has largest market share today. Android Operating System is the most loves OS in the world. Due to its amazing graphics and UI, it has nearly 4 times higher market share than iOS. The credit for this goes to the development team which work harder to provide you best user experience. Not only the user friendly, but Android is also providing security to its users. Developments are always there in Android. That’s why, you should have idea about latest android tricks. These android tricks will keep you updated with what’s happening in android world. Alongside, you can learn new things about your android smartphone.

If we talk about android users, there are more than 60% people who don’t even know what their smartphone is capable of. In such case this remains just a phone when its smart features aren’t discovered by us. At Trickkas, we make sure that you get best information and android tricks so that you can know why your phone is smartphone.

Latest Android Tricks

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