Windows Tricks

Windows Tricks – Let The Computer Follow Your Commands

With market share of more than 82% in 2018, Windows is definitely most loved OS when it comes about personal computers. All the credit goes to Windows OS reliability and user experience. With every upgrade in Windows, Microsoft is giving its users the more to explore. A new update is available almost every week to keep the computer secure and updated. Now, it would be good if you keep yourself updated with some cool Windows tricks.

These Windows tricks will not only keep you updated with latest features but it will definitely allow you to explore your computer more wisely and securely. Even after having more a huge share in market, 70% of Windows users don’t know much about their computer. Apart from normal usage they don’t even know what special feature their computer have to offer for them. For example, most of the people above 50 spend average of 5-10 seconds just to reach their hard disk. It’d be better if they are aware with some Windows tricks and shortcuts to save their time and efforts.