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Trickkas was started to keep just one thing in mind: “Help people digitally!” In the process of providing technical help and guidance, we have learned a lot by ourselves. All thank goes to the fellow readers of our website.

We agree that we have not been the best source of information and help because of our irregularity. But we are here again to provide tutorials, how-to guides, reviews, and other helps to make your digital life easy, reliable, secure.

What we do?

Trickkas provides Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, helping guides, reviews, tutorials to make the best out of your digital life. We also review various products and software from time to time, so that you get the best in spite of the marketing and publicity by the company.

Android & Windows Help

Are you having troubles with your Android smartphone, Windows computer, or Mac? If yes, then we are here to provide you the solution you need. We post help and other tips so that you can troubleshoot the issue by yourself. However, if you’re stuck somewhere, do not hesitate to contact us. We would try our best to provide you the solution you need.


There are a lot of options for everything. You would get multiple options even if you just want to buy a water bottle. We understand the pain people go through while buying a software, device, and finding it not reliable after the purchase. Well, do not worry now, Trickkas is here to provide the best reviews for gadgets, software, and other digital services. Please note these reviews are independent without any partiality to a specific brand or company.

Are there any charges for this?

No, you won’t have to pay for anything. You are free to use the website and access all the content for free. But you would see some ads on our website. However, if you require personal virtual assistance, you could hire our team for some freelancing work. Please specify your requirement to Trickkas team by filling up the contact form.

Why are there ads on our website?

Well, the answer is simple, we need funds to keep this website alive. To be honest, after putting our time and money in this website, we expect to earn something in return to fund for the future, food and buy new games. That’s why we have to show ads on the website. If you are fed up with ads, you can choose to use the AdBlocker on your browser. That would remove the ads, but that would not be good for us. If you want to support us without seeing the ads, you can donate some amount and both sides will be happy. Please contact Trickkas by visiting the page.

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