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YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform that allows everyone to post videos and share among billions of YouTube users. You can even start a video lecture series on YouTube. Not only this, you can also leave comments or rating on the videos which are uploaded. The YouTube tips in this post would save your time.

The best part about YouTube is that you don’t need any external plug-in or software to play videos online. All the videos are converted to flash files so that you can play videos anytime. In this post I’m going to share some  awesome YouTube tips which can save your time and will enhance your YouTube experience.

YouTube Tips For Video Download

YouTube allows you to watch videos on its website only. But sometimes, we want to download videos to our computer so that we can watch these videos later without internet. Also, we can share the video to any device after downloading it to computer or phone. There are following ways in which you can download videos to your device.

Changing YouTube Video URL

You can save any video to your device by simply editing the URL of the video in address bar. All you need to do is put “ss” in the beginning of the video URL.

For example, if your video point to following address:

download youtube video, youtube video download

Then you can change the above address to the address given below:

amazing youtube hacks

After that, select the video format and quality that you like and download the video directly.

By Using Internet Download Manager

If you have Internet Download Manager (IDM) installed in your computer and if its extension is already active in your browser then you can download about 90% videos online including all videos from YouTube. All you need to do is install the IDM and its extension and after that you will see download option on top right corner of the video playing area.

download youtube video, how to download youtube video

See the highlighted area in the image above. You can also select required resolution and quality which is available in the video.

Using Software (YTD or TubeMate)

If you don’t want to use above mentioned steps then you can download the videos by simply installing software in your computer or smartphone. For computers, you can install YouTube Downloader from this link. Just paste the link for the video in software which you want to download.

If you want to download videos directly to your phone then you can download TubeMate Android app on your android smartphone.

Time Saving YouTube Tips For Beginners

You can use your keyboard shortcuts to control YouTube functions. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts which you can use on YouTube and browse faster.

Play & Pause

You can simply press “Spacebar” or “k” key on your keyboard to play & pause a video on YouTube. Also, you can play your video in slow motion if you press and hold down any of these key.

Skip Or Jump

Press left or right arrow key to fast forward or rewind by 5 seconds respectively. If you want to jump by 10 seconds then press and hold down Ctrl Key with Left or Right arrow key. Alternatively, you can skip specific percentage (%) of the video. Simply press numeric key (1-9) to skip video by % section. For example, 1 for 10%, 2 for 20%,……5 for 50% etc.

Volume Up/Down

You can increase or decrease the volume of YouTube video by pressing up or down arrow key. If you want to mute the video then you can either press and hold down arrow key or simply press “m” key.

Full Screen

You can press “f” key to switch between full screen mode. If you’re in full screen then you can simple press “Esc” key to exit from full screen.

Skip Video

If you want to skip a complete video then you can press “End” key on your keyboard. You can move to next video of your playlist by pressing same key.

Come Back At Starting Point

Press either “0” key or “Home” key anytime on your keyboard to jump to start of any video.

Other YouTube Shortcuts

  • m : mute or un-mute video
  • > : speed up video playback rate
  • < : speed down video playback rate
  • c : activate closes captions
  • 0 : beginning of the video
  • / : search bar

Automatically Repeat YouTube Videos

Let’s assume a situation when you’re listening to a track and you just want to listen to it again and again. What would you do then? You need to play the video again and again on YouTube. YouTube doesn’t allow us to automatically repeat any video. But still there are some YouTube tips which can help you with this.

  • First of all get the URL of the video that you want to repeat.
  • Now, edit the URL according to below image:
repeat youtube video, youtube video auto repeat
youtube video tips and tricks
  • Paste the edited URL in the address bar and you will new window open which will play your video until you close it by yourself.

Share A Video At Any Point

If you’re watching a video and you notice something amazing at any point in the video then instead of sharing the whole video content you can share the point which you like. You can do this by clicking right on the video and click on “Get Video URL at Current Time”. Alternatively, you can add a time frame at the end of the video URL. To do this simply add time of the video in “#t=XXmXXs” or “#t=XXs” at the end of URL. XXm is the time duration in minutes where XXs belongs to seconds.

Create a GIF From YouTube Video

This is really one of the cool YouTube tips to follow in 2021. You can easily create memes from a YouTube video with this feature of creating GIFs. Just follow these below instructions:

  • Play any video on YouTube
  • Now copy the URL and add “gif” just before
  • Your URL must look like :
  • Now press enter and customize your GIF.

Isn’t this is something from cool YouTube tips.

These were some of the amazing YouTube tricks which you can try at your end. I’ll update more tricks in future once I got some. If you have something to share with us then you can simply comment down or you can get in touch with us on Facebook. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

I love gadgets and love writing about those. Feel free to suggest me suspense drama on Netflix.

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