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Internet speed test allows you to check your download and upload speed on your internet connection. If you are not getting proper speeds, then you should check for solutions on your router or contact your Internet Service Provider. In this post, we are going to discuss, how you can easily test internet speed and some tips to improve your internet. 

Test Internet Speed – Accurately Provided By Ookla

Before moving further, you should test your internet speed by clicking on the button below. Please note that speed tests take a few minutes and use 30 MB – 300 MB data (both for downloads and uploads). The speed test plugin is provided by Ookla, which is considered as a leading global internet speed test provider. 

Were you satisfied with your test results? Are you getting proper download and upload speeds? If yes, then it means your internet is working fine and there seems no issue with it on your computer and ISP side. But if you are not getting expected results, then you should work on the issue. Low internet speed can disrupt your work and entertainment. 

When should I check my Internet Speed?

Well, there is no fix timing for it. You can either check test your internet speed regularly on a daily or weekly basis or anytime you are comfortable in. Few instances indicate something is wrong with your internet are:

  • Video is taking too long to buffer on YouTube, Netflix etc.
  • The website fails to load again and again
  • Drop frames in video calls
  • Problems with nominal usage such as chatting, browsing
  • Downloading takes ages to complete even when you have subscribed to high-speed plans.

And a few more depending upon your nature of internet usage. There is one thing to keep in mind that your internet is not always responsible. Sometimes, you face issues because of server end connection. This is the reason that sometimes, you can stream movies on YouTube but downloading movies from some other website takes too much time. 

How much speed should I get?

This is not fixed, as every Internet Service Provider has different services. Right now, some ISPs are providing up to 1 Gbps connection while a few are struggling to provide 20 Mbps. Hence, it completely depends upon the service provider you choose for your internet services. But if you are not sure how much speed you would need for your work then follow these points:

  • Identify your requirement (If you are a gamer, you would need a High-Speed connection, you may not need a high-speed internet for normal office work)
  • If you download and upload too much, then you would be needing extra or unlimited bandwidth along with super-fast internet. You would not want to wait longer for a movie to complete downloading.
  • Keep in mind that WiFi does not provide actual speed always. To see good results, you should connect your computer with LAN cable to your router. If you cannot use a wired connection, then you should choose more speed plans than required. E.g., if you need 5 Mbps speed then opt for 10 Mbps in case of WiFi dependency. 

Troubleshoot Internet Connection – Fix Internet Speed Issues

If you are continuously facing network issues, then you can try to troubleshoot it before contacting your Internet Service Provider. There are easy options that you can try without taking anyone’s help. Still, if you do not feel confident then take someone’s help. 

1. Reboot Router: Router at your home is kind of a minicomputer. It has CPU, memory and needs power. When something is wrong with your computer, the first thing we do is restart it to clear junks. Similarly, rebooting your router can fix slow internet or no internet issue in most cases. When you reboot your router, it would disconnect all devices and clear the cache stored in memory. Please note that the router has very limited memory and it should be cleared once in a while. Restarting router is also good for security purpose.

2. Clear Temporary Files: Another option that you can try to fix the internet speed test issue, is by clearing the temporary files folder. This is the folder on your computer, where all the running programs store some files. You should clear this folder to ensure less junk on the computer. These files can also cause the slower performance of the programs

3. Clear Browser Data: If your computer is running out of memory then performance would not be adequate. At such time, you would not experience good connectivity even when getting good results while testing internet speed. To overcome this problem, clear your browsing history and clear cache, website information (excluding saved passwords). 

4. Set Metered Connection: On Windows 10, you can set your internet connection to be metered. When metered, Windows would not update any program in the background. This results in better internet speed test similarities. You can also limit the background process of third-party applications so that they do no use internet in the background.

improve internet speed test by metered connection

5. Use Wired Connection rather than Wireless: This is a very good option to improve internet speed. Wireless connections always have the noise that becomes the root cause of slow internet connection. For a stable internet, we suggest you use wired connectivity on your computer for better speeds.

6. Change Your WiFi Password Regularly: Internet is fragile and there are a lot of security concerns on it. It may be possible that someone has got unauthorized access to your internet. They might have hacked into your WiFi and using internet bandwidth. Changing the WiFi password regularly ensure security along with good internet speed tests. 

7. Contact ISP: If you have tried the above options, then it might be a good time to contact your Internet Service Provider. It might be possible that the connectivity problem is at their end. 

8. Change your ISP: If you have tried contacting your Internet Service Provider but nothing works after too many complaints. Maybe it is time that you change your ISP. Although, changing ISP may cost your extra as you would have to pay installation charges again for a new ISP. We recommend you do a research first on the good internet provider in your locality. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I choose a good ISP?

Search on Google and check the reviews. Make a list and visit their websites to compare services and support. You can also ask your friends or family for suggestions.

I am getting a huge discount offer on a multi-month plan with my new connection. What should I do?

If you are trying a new ISP then it is recommended, not to go for long term plans. You have no idea about their services, and it would not be good to pay for multi-months when you cannot even use the internet properly for a week. 

When I test internet speed, I see 50 Mbps but downloading a 50 MB file takes longer than a second?

It is because Internet companies provide speed in Mbps (Mega Bits Per Seconds) while MBPS stands for MegaBytes Per Second. 1 Byte = 8 Bits. That means if you are getting 50 Mbps speed means 6.25 MBps.

I am getting good speed while downloading but less speed on uploads.

Upload speeds are usually lower than download speeds. Please ask your ISP regarding this. Many ISP provide equal download and upload speeds, but many do not. Also, when setting up a new connection, do not forget to test internet speed on multiple platforms and that too in the private window of the browser (i.e., Incognito mode)

Those were some of the ways by which you can improve your internet speed. If you have any more questions or need any assistance. Please feel free to comment down below or contact us. 

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