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Best Budget Gaming Laptop in 2020

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In this post, we’re going to talk about the best budget gaming laptop in 2020. These laptops use Intel Core i5, or AMD Rayzen 5 / AMD Rayzen 7 to provide your powerful performance while playing your favourite games. The price range is competitive here and you can buy any of these laptops under $1,000 (INR 70,000). 

budget gaming laptop

Note: You can find some price variation according to your location.

Best Budget Gaming Laptop 2020

Let’s start with one of the best gaming and eSports company. (Please note that the order of comparison in this post doesn’t indicate about quality and performance.)

MSI GF63 (Best Budget Gaming Laptop)

This powerful gaming laptop is equipped with Intel Core i5 – 9th Gen Processor with 8 GB RAM and 4GB of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 GPU. You will also get 512 SSD that will enhance the Windows boot time. Here are some of the key features of this gaming laptop allowing you seamless gaming.

msi gf63 gaming laptop 2020
  • Higher Clock Speed – This laptop has Intel i5 9th Gen processor with a higher clock speed of up to 4.1 GHz. That means it can perform any task you throw at it.
  • Powerful Battery Backup – MSI GF63 offers up to 7hrs of battery life on a single charge. But we know the Gaming laptops require more juice and hence you can get around 5 hours of backup.
  • Full HD Display with thin bezels – This gaming laptop comes with full HD LED-backlit Anti-Glare display with 60Hz refresh rate offering 1920×1080 pixel resolution.
  • Compatible Games & Software – You can play many high-end games on this budget gaming laptop such as GTA V, Forza Horizon 3, Shadow of Tomb Raider etc. This laptop can also perform a heavy task in software such as Ansys, Solidworks, Camtasia etc. 


  • Speakers may disappoint you
  • No SD card slot
  • Numpad unavailable
  • Pre-installed bloatware

Pricing: You can purchase MSI GF63 laptop in around Rs. 55000 or $749 depending upon the offer price you get. This makes is a good deal for the best budget gaming laptop in 2020.

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 (Intel / AMD)

When it comes to laptop, how can we forget HP which is one of the top electronics brands? HP may never be as popular as it used to be but the company is still favourite among many gamers. HP Pavillion Gaming 15 laptop range starts at a very competitive pricing of Rs. 49990 or $699. You can find powerful budget gaming laptop of 2020 in this range with Intel i5 & AMD Rayzen processor. 

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop

Key Features of HP Pavilion Gaming 15: Here are the following thing you should get in the best budget gaming laptop of 2020.

  • Processor – The laptop is powered by Intel Core i5 9th Gen processor with 8GB RAM and you can find a similar model with AMD Rayzen 5 3550H with clock speed up to 3.4GHz. Both the processors can handle multitasking in a very powerful manner. However, Intel i5 wins the race by some margin which can be seen in the slight price difference.
  • SSD Storage – SSD is a true companion for modern PC and HP Pavilion 15 gaming laptop include 512 GB SSD or 1 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD. If you’re getting a better deal for 512 GB SSD then go for it and avoid any HDD (even if it is 2 TB).
  • Graphics Card – HP Pavilion Gaming is powered by NVIDIA Series 10 graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 with 4 GB of VRAM. You can find some model with a better graphics card but there pricing will pass the budget barrier. 
  • Display – You get 15.6″ Full HD LED-Backlit Anti-Glare display with resolution 1920×1080 or more. 
  • Design & Performance – The laptop is tuned in a way to look stylish and stay cool while performing a heavy task. 

Cons: There is not any electronic item which is 100% perfect and there are always some cons in HP Laptops.

  • Battery backup is not that good while performing heavy tasks
  • The laptop may heat up while playing high-end games

Pricing – HP Pavilion Gaming 15 laptop is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for the best budget gaming laptop in 2020. The pricing varies between Rs. 49990 ($699) – Rs. 74999 ($999).

Dell G3 3579 – Intel Core i5 8th Gen 

Dell is one of the best Laptop brands in 2020. All because of the quality and performance of Dell Laptops & Desktop. This laptop is packed with an awesome configuration that will provide desktop-level performance.

dell g3 gaming laptop 2020

Key Features: 

  • Processor – Dell G3 3579 is powered by High-Performance Intel Core i5-8th Gen CPU with Clock Speed up to 4GHz. It can perform all heavy tasks seamlessly and a DDR5 RAM of 8GB makes sure it does well.
  • Graphics Card – This gaming buddy is supercharged by NVIDIA 1050 Ti GPU with 4GB memory that offers desktop-level performance. You can play many high-end games with this processor and get better results on working with heavy software.
  • Storage – SSD is the need of modern computing and this laptop has 512GB of SSD that provides superfast data transfer rate and instant Windows Boot-up.
  • Display – It has 15.6″ Full HD LED-Backlit Anti-Glare display with 60Hz refresh rate and 1920×1080 pixel resolution. What else you need in this budget? 


  • The screen could be better
  • Design and weight could be improved
  • Touchpad quality may disappoint some users

Pricing: You can get this top budget gaming laptop under Rs. 60000 or $789. Well, the price depends upon the offer you get while purchasing the laptop.

We will continue add more laptops in this list. Make sure you bookmark this link so that you stay updated always.



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