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13 Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Computer

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Speed up computer using these effective ways. Are you unhappy with your computer’s performance? Has  your computer started running slower? If the answer to above questions is yes then you are seriously facing some issues with your computer, and your device need some maintenance. Computer hardware, and software are continuously being upgraded as per current requirement.

But it’s not possible for everyone to spend huge amount of money on computer every year. Thus, you start facing performance issues after a couple of months. You can now speed up your PC by making some change to your computer settings. Here I am going to tell you about some cool tips to speed up your computer within few minutes.

Take Decision Right Now

Yes, you read that right. You need to take decision right now. You need to choose one in between fancy apps and important ones. Take decision right now to speed up your PC, and remove all the apps and software which you don’t need anymore. These apps and software use hard drive space and amount of RAM. Thus, makes your computer slower for no reason. Remove unwanted apps and speed up computer right now.

speed up computer windows 10

You can simply remove unwanted apps from settings in Windows 10 to speed up your computer having Windows 10.

Terminate Background Activity

There is lots of software in your computer which are always running. No matter you use these or not but still they manage to keep running in background and use amount of your RAM. Not only memory, but these background activities put a load on your internet speed. You can simply terminate all unnecessary background processes and release some amount of RAM.

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To speed up computer, simply follow the steps:

Go to Task Manager > More Details > Background Processes > Unwanted Software (known to you).

disable background app windows 10

Note:  There are many important background processes are running in your computer which are required by system. Only terminate the activity of process you’re aware about to speed up your PC.

Clean Up Disk Storage

There are unwanted junks and cache files are stored in our computer. Windows use these files for temporary operations but these are left unused and cover more space on your hard disk. You can clean up your disk to free up space and make your PC faster. Always remember, the more amount of space your computer has, more will be the performance of your computer. You can follow the below steps to safely clean up disk and speed up your PC.

Open RUN (windows + R) > type cleanmgr > select disk (preferably C) > select all files you want to clean > OK

disk cleanup to speed up computer windows 7

You can open Disk Clean Up by typing into Start Menu or Search Bar.

Optimize For Maximum Performance

If you are working on some important project but your computer isn’t compatible with your hands speed then it will definitely frustrate you. You can enhance your computer performance by allowing it to use more resources available. It will consume more electricity, that mean you may need to put your laptop on charging mode. You can go to power setting and select Maximum Performance.

Our computer reserves some resources and divided all these in all processes according to the requirement. But if you want maximum performance for an instance then make following changes to your power settings.

Control Panel > System & Security > Power Options > Create Power Plan (Right Bar) > High Performance > Next > Create!

Bingo! After this you can create a power plan for maximum performance and all your resources will be optimized for better performance. But don’t forget to change it to power saving mode when you don’t need much performance as it consume more power.

Change Appearances

If you’re having a computer which is having low amount of RAM and small size hard disk then the appearance may affect performance of your computer. Animation and special effects like fading of menu items, box sliding effect, drop shadows etc use rich amount of RAM and processor speed. You can adjust performance of your computer for best performance by following below steps:

In Search box Type “performance” > Adjust Appearance & Performance of Windows > Adjust for best performance > Apply/OK.

improve performance windows

Keep Security Software Up to Date

No matter which security software (Antivirus/ AntiSpyware/ AntiMalware) you are using, it’s important to keep the security up to date to the latest virus definitions. Although, some security software may slow down your computer because they keep running all the time. In that case, you can use default Windows Defender.

But updating of software is required in every case. If you have updated security, then no spyware or malware will be able to create issues in your computer and your computer won’t leg next time you’re working on internet.

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Metered Wi-Fi Connection

If you are working on internet using your Wi-Fi connection then it may possible that your computer may become slower are sometime. This happens because, your computer use background processes as I told you in 2nd step above.

Some processes are used to update Windows and system software. In that case, this activity may resume when you’re connected to internet. So it’s better that you keep your Wi-Fi connection as Metered Connection so that computer won’t use Wi-Fi for background activities and you will notice speed PC and internet both.

You can follow steps below to make your Wi-Fi connection metered & speed up computer by disabling background connection:

Click On Wi-Fi icon (bottom right) > Right Click on Wi-Fi you’re connected > Click On Properties > Scroll down and Turn ON metered connection

Increase RAM To Speed Up Computer Instantly

If you’re using a computer of laptop which have spare dedicated slot of RAM then you can add some more RAM to your computer to make it work faster. Adding more amount of memory will definitely going to help you in fast processing of every task and fast loading of Games and Software.

Add SSD Storage

SSD states for Solid State Drive which are way faster than normal HDD. File opening speed of SSD is 30% faster than that of HDD. You can transfer files at transfer rate of up to 750 MB/s for typical SSD but in normal HDD maximum speed that you can achieve is 120 MB/s. Now, you may have understood what I want to clarify in this point.

Adding an SSD storage to your computer means you will have boot time of 10-12 seconds which is usually around 30-40 seconds in case of HDD. If you want to speed up your computer, then adding an SSD is good idea to speed up computer. But you need to be careful in choosing it and it will cost you greater money as compared to HDD.

Virtual Memory

If you’re having a good amount of Hard Drive space on your computer but doesn’t have any option to increase the RAM then Virtual Memory may prove to be a good option for your computer. Adding a Virtual Memory mean adding a paging file to Hard Disk of Specific amount which is used by computer as RAM.

In shorts, you can use some part of your computer’s hard drive as RAM virtually. It will increase performance of your computer ofcourse but It’ll will show great effect when you’re using SSD instead of HDD as they have faster speed. To add Virtual Memory and speed up your PC, just follow the steps below:

In Search box Type “performance” > Adjust Appearance & Performance of Windows > Under Advance click on Change.  > Deselect Automatic settings > Select Drive > Custom Size > Select Initial & Maximum Size > OK

speed up your pc

Note: The recommended paging size that you should change should be double of the recommended size for better performance.

Defragment & Optimize Drives To Speed Up Your PC

Every machine requires some maintenance time to time. Data in digital drives are stored in forms of blocks. When you install or uninstall any program or delete and add any new folder or content. Fragmentation may occur in your drive. Most of the drive have spinning platters and data is usually stored around that platter. In case of fragmentation, the data is spread over large area on the drive and drive takes time to load data and read any file because now it requires visiting multiple spots on the platter to read every block of a file. You can recover data easily if you ever lost it by visiting here.

This results in slower performance of Hard-Drive and your computer. You should defragment and optimize your drives on a regular basis so that computer keeps its performance when required. You can also choose to automatically defragment and optimize drive to automatically speed up your PC.

In Start Menu/Search Bar Type “defragment” > Select the drive > “Optimize” > Close.

Note: Defragmentation may take sometimes depending upon the fragmented area on drive. It’s better you setup weekly optimization so that you don’t need to fragment these again and again manually.

Disable Startup Programs To Speed Up Computer

When you install some application software to your computer, few of them are added to Startup Programs  category. Startup programs are software which are automatically started when you boot your system. Hence, more number of startup programs active means your computer will take more time to boot. You can disable these programs by visiting “Task Manager” to speed up computer.

Right Click on Taskbar > Task Manager > More Details > Startup Column > Disable Unnecessary Programs But don’t disable any software which is not known to you.

Compress Disk To Speed Up Windows By Adding Space

If you are running low on space on your computer then this may also be the reason your computer isn’t performing well. You need to delete all unnecessary items from your computer. But, if you don’t have anything unnecessary left on your disk then compressing your disk may prove better option for you. By compressing your disk you will be able to free up space of some GBs. This process requires some times as it will compress your complete disk formation. More space will speed up computer for sure.

Right click on Disk > Properties > Check “compress this drive to save space” > Apply/OK.

free up space by compressing hard disk

I hope you like this post, and next time you use your computer don’t forget to try these things out so that you can experienced powerful performance on your computer. These were few of the tips to speed up your PC. If you have any suggestion by which we can speed up computer, feel free to share it with everyone by commenting below.



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