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How to type faster / How to improve typing speed

Have you asked yourself this question, “How to type Faster?”. Hello there! In this post we will talk about few ways by which you can easily improve typing speed in lesser time. If you really want to type faster then keep one thing in mind, “there is no hidden trick or secret to type faster in any language.” You might have heard about one of the best saying, which is: “practice makes a man perfect.” Well, with typing this is the only trick by which you can improve your typing speed. Still, you might not be satisfied with your typing speed now matter how much you practice. You might ask yourself, “How to type faster? Or How to improve typing speed?”.

If this situation relates with your current position, then you need to change a bit in the process of learning typing. Practice part will remain constant. You just need to work on a few technicalities. There are following ways to improve your typing speed while staying at home:

1. Get best seating position:

If you want to work on a project which require you to stay with your computer / laptop for hours and you have got deadline to complete. The deadline is surely not far away. Your typing speed and working ability is affected by your body position. This is the first thing you should do before getting into any typing work or any other work on your computer. You must be comfortable while working on your computer. Make sure you’re comfortable enough to improve your typing speed and other working skills. You can get seating position by following these things:

                Fix your posture: You need to have a straight back on a flat surface. This means keep your body in straight position and make sure your wrist is in the same level with the keyboard. This help fingers to reach the keys efficiently. Also, you should keep your head at around 40-70 cm from computer screen. And your head must be tilted down a bit to look at the computer screen. You can easily setup your posture to improve typing speed by adjusting your seating position.

                Note: After starting with a straight and perfect position, do not ever disrupt your posture until your work is finished. If you give your body a relax then it will directly decrease your working potential by putting some laziness. You need to focus on your work at that time. This process might take a couple of days and you will adapt the new posture.

2. Know your keyboard:

To type faster you should be comfortable with your keyboard. Your fingers must be at good position to reach every key in no time. Most of the keyboards follow QWERTY layout. Hence, if you practice at your computer then you won’t have any problem while working with another computer. Make yourself comfortable with your keyboard layout and try to memorize the position of each key.

fingers position on keyboard to type faster
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3. Hand Position:

Hand position also effect your typing speed. If you want to give yourself a typing boost, then learn to keep your hand at perfect position. Keep your left hand fingers on “A, S, D, F” and right hand fingers on “J, K, L, ;”. Keep your thumbs on the space bar. This is the best hand position recommended for all typing work on the keyboard. Make your hands familiar with their right spot on the keyboard and you will see improved typing speed in not time.

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4. Improve Typing Speed with Practice:

Practice, Practice, and Practice! This is the word that you need to setup in your mind if your really want to type faster. There are a lot of way to practice your typing speed. If you already know about first three steps (mentioned above), then you need to work on your practice only. You can practice typing speed by following methods:

  1. Start slowly and practice a row at a time.
  2. Close your eyes and type any random letter. Open your eyes to see if you have typed correct. “Repeat the same procedure for all keys of your keyboard.”
  3. Let the hands see for you: Do not ever see your hands while typing anything. Your eyes must be focussed on your computer screen only.
  4. Play typing games. You can practice and improve typing speed by playing some typing games. There are a lot of such games available on the internet.
  5. Transcribe audio and video: This is one of the best ways to type faster than ever. You can listen to your favourite music at the same time. Listen to the music or any audio file and type every word of the music being played. This will not only improve your typing speed, but also makes your proficient in Transcription.
  6. Monitor Progress: Whenever you have completed any typing work or typing test or other activity which include typing, always monitor your progress. This will influence you to work harder and type faster.
  7. Never Give Up: No matter what your current typing speed is, even if it is less than 10 WPM, never give up. If you don’t see any progress in few days, it means you need to work harder. Giving up should not be an option in your life.

5. Be the Best You:

You can find several typing tests online or you can find several typing helps or you can find several ways of faster typing. But, all of those will be a waste if you do not work on yourself. I will not suggest you follow every point in this post. I will just suggest you to first test yourself to see where do you lack? Now, after knowing the weak point, go for it. If you are not comfortable in maintaining your hands on specific key positions, then just don’t. Try to follow the above points but if you are not comfortable then forget about that point. Make yourself comfortable first and then you will see that you have already improved your typing speed.

Those were some of the best way to learn how to type faster in less time. If you have any other ideas, then share those with us and we will post those to help other readers. Although, there is not any speed limit set for typing. But, having a speed of 40-50 WPM (words per minute) is good enough.

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