Secure Android Phone From Hackers and Other Security Threates

How to Secure Android Phone from Hackers and Malwares

We know you all love your smartphone; we do that too. If you’re having a smartphone then there are more than 80% chances that you’re owning an Android smartphone. Android cover more than 80% of world’s smartphone market share. But, have your ever thought how secure Android phone is? Well, whenever there is comparison in Android and iOS. iOS beat Android clearly in one segment and that’s security. Most of the malwares are created for Android smartphones and with help of these malwares, your phone can be hacked, and you won’t even notice.

In this post, we will be sharing some of tips to secure Android phone from hackers and other malwares. Nowadays, a new malware is in news, which targets millions of the Android users by gaining access to their apps and stealing credential or some sensitive data. But there is one thing clear, if you are aware about some basic security preventions and some basics of using your smartphone safely then such virus can never gain access to your Android smartphone. Get ready to secure Android from hackers and other unauthorized access.

Secure Android Phone From Hackers and Other Security Threats
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Install Apps from Secure Source Only

This is the best case to download virus in your smartphone. It is easier for hackers and other organization to get access to your smartphone by using means of some third-party unsecured installation sources. Secure Android phone will always block unknown source installation for security reason.

We suggest you install any app from secured source such as Google Play Store only. Current dangerous Android malware is named as “Agent Smith” and the malware was installed using third party installation source such as “9Apps”.

Benefits of using Google Play Store:

If you want to really secure Android phone you love then this is the first step you should follow by blocking all third party app installation and always install apps from Google Play Store only. All the apps on Google Play Store are scanned for any malware and virus. They get automatic updates from their developers for any kind of security and bug issue. Not only these, the apps are scanned regularly to check any security issue in the app.

If you install apps from third party source, then it might be possible that any of the app can have a malware inside it which can be used against your smartphone to either steal some information or installing other malware apps and so on.

Scan to Secure Android Phone Regularly

Yes, that’s correct, you should regularly scan your beloved Android smartphone for any security issue. By scanning we mean to use an antivirus app which will regularly scan your app for virus, malware and other security threats. Also, it will scan the app before getting installed in the phone. You can secure Android phones by using any best of the phone antivirus which include McAfee, Norton, QuickHeal, Kaspersky etc. But make sure to use any premium antivirus only.

Choose Apps Permission

The latest Android version allow you to decide permission for apps installed in your phone. By using this security feature you can control the app activity on your phone. If you have recently installed an app and unsure about the usage or you might have unknowingly installed an app from unauthorized source then you can set permission for that app.

For example, if you have installed a free game then the basic permission it needs to run are File Storage (to store cache files and game progress data), Internet Access (to run the game if it is an online game).

That’s it. If the app ask for more permission that include reading your call history or accessing your contact or reading other app actions then that will be suspicious for a basic game to play and you should remove it to secure Android phone from any security issue.

That’s how you can control the apps activity in your phone. Just head over to phone setting and in the notification and permission setting you can set the permissions for the apps according to the need.

Note: Be careful while changing the permission for an app, never try to modify permission for system apps such as Phone, Contact, etc otherwise it may cause problems to your phone. Always change the permission for apps you are sure about.

Update to Latest Android

There was a time when Android was in starting stages and most of the things were vulnerable to hackers. But with every Android update there are some feature which are providing more secure Android phone for every user. If you want to stay safe from any kind of security issue, then add this task to your to do list also. Always go for latest version of Android. While selecting the Android phone manufacture, take care of this thing also.

Older Android phone are more vulnerable to security issue than the newer ones. Make sure your Android smartphone is secure from all types of security risks.

Report Apps

If you have come across any app which is showing irrelevant ads on your smartphone. Or displaying two much ads then you can report the app to the Play Store if you have downloaded it from there otherwise it will be good to uninstall it. Although, the app developers need money to develop more apps and running ads is fast way to earn money for it. But some hackers can take benefits from it and they can build some apps which will show ads not only inside the apps but in other parts of your phone also. If you notice such things, please uninstall the app immediately.

However, these were some of the basic steps that you have learned to secure Android phone from hackers and other security issues. If you are facing any issue with your Android phone, then leave a comment below and we will try to solve it for you. You can also contact us by visiting contact page or joining us on social media.

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