how to speed up android phone easily

Quick Tips To Speed Up Android Phones Within Minutes

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How To Speed Up Android Phone Easily

Our smartphones are no doubt play an important role in our daily life. From gaming to online banking, watching videos to working on any project, these are giving us a solution every time. But, sometimes they start creating issues in our work when they freeze in the middle of something. Suppose, you’re just doing a fund transfer from your banking app and your phone just got crazy and won’t allow you to do anything. So frustrating, isn’t it? Many of us just throw it in the anger.

But it’s not only the smartphone who is responsible for its slow performance. We are somewhat responsible too, that’s why our device get issues. Here, I am going to tell you about some easy ways which will not only make your device faster but also your smartphone won’t freeze in future. Just follow these simple steps to know how to speed up android phone easily.

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Unknown Apps

Make sure your android phone doesn’t have any of the app installed which you’re not aware of (excluding pre-installed apps). There are a lot of applications which contains malware/trojans in there package. It will not only slow down your phone but you may lose your important data too. Android or iPhone: Which is better?

I will suggest you to install apps from Google Play Store only. After installing the app, try using the app without internet connection. Turn off your data connection and then open the app. If you find something unusual with the app, you know what you have to do now to speed up your phone.

Clear Cache & Speed Up Android Devices

If you use your android phone a lot that means there will be many of the cache files in your device. These files can make your smartphone lag behind, so it’s better if you keep clearing these files at-least twice a  week to speed up android phone.

There are a lot of apps in the play store which will do the hard work for you. Don’t forget to select the app which have good reviews, because sometimes these apps which called themselves “Memory Booster” are those which slow down the phone.

Background Connection

You’re using one app at a time but your android phone is still hanging. Do you ever noticed why this happens? Well, it may be possible that you are using single app but you phone might be using other apps by itself in the background.

Yes, that happens. There are a lot of background apps which continues to running. These apps may include your gallery which is syncing its items, Play Store updating apps, Facebook connecting to internet to get updates or other apps sending reports back to the server.

At that time, these apps consumes more amount of RAM that you require and this results into hanging of your device. Now, all you have to do is turn off background activity or background internet connection to these apps. So that they won’t run until you do it by yourself.

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Speed Up Android Smartphone With Regular Security Updates

Do you know that Google release security updates for Android every month. These updates include fixing for some bugs and other security issues. Many smartphone manufacturers are too lazy to provide these updates regularly. If you’re having Android One then you’ll receive these updates automatically. Make sure you have a smartphone brand which provide regular updates for your smartphone. Some brands which are lazy to provide updates include Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo etc.

Always keep this thing in mind before you buy any Android smartphone so that you will continue receive updates and you may not have to compromise with performance.

Restarting Your Android Phone

If you were not satisfied with the results you got in above steps, you can simply restart your phone. And it will stop some running apps and will free up space in your memory. Also, don’t forget that you have disabled “Auto-Start” in many of the apps which you don’t require. You can disable auto starting by visiting system settings and speed up Android phone instantly.

Speed Up Android Phone By Update Regularly

Updates may be headache sometimes when you’re running low on internet data. But, these updates are necessary because they contain important changes that are required in your device. After every update to its version, Android is getting more and more popular and faster. In every updates you are getting something new or some bugs are being fixed.

It’s not necessary that you update your apps and phone software on your data connection. You can select “Update App On Wifi Only” in Play Store settings.

Avoid Widgets & Live Wallpapers

Widgets and Live Wallpapers make the device look cool right. Yes, they do. But they eat a lot of memory in from your RAM and thus it will eventually make your Android Smartphone slower. These widgets & live wallpapers are always running and require dedicated amount of memory & battery. You should avoid using widgets and live wallpapers. You can use a few of the important widgets but it’d be good if you say clear NO to live wallpapers.

Minimize/Disable Animations

The beauty of Android Smartphone is that the OS comes with a lot of animations. These animations and visual effects became more popular after launch of Android Lollipop. But, the biggest disadvantage of animations is that they need battery and memory to survive. Thus, they end up slowing down your phone. You can choose to minimize animations or completely disable these. Follow the steps below to change animation affect on your smartphone,

Settings >> About >> continuously tap “Android Build Number” to enable Developer options
Go back to settings >> Developer Options >> Animation Scale (Window, Transition, Duration)

If you want to minimize animation then select .5x or else select “Turn Off” to disable animations.

Do Not Cross Device Limits

Last but not least, don’t forget what device you have and what is it capable of. Always know about your device well before installing something new or trying to play any game which requires high memory, better processor, GPU etc. If you are trying to play a game which is made for high end devices but you own low end device of less budget then it’s natural that your phone will crazy.

Smartphones may slow down for any reason even because of rainy weather if your phone is not capable of bearing a little moisture. So, it’d be good if you know about your phone well and never cross its limits allowed by its hardware and software.

There are many ways to make your device work faster and if you follow above steps, I’m sure your phone won’t get slower. There is one more way of doing changes to your phone and that is called “Rooting”. Which I will discuss later and what you may face after rooting your device. For now, all you have to do is, just follow above steps and take care of your buddy nicely!

Disclaimer: All images used in this post are properties of their owners and these are used here for reference purpose only.


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