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Android Vs iPhone: Which Is Better?

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Android VS iPhone

Android Vs iPhone: Which is the best smartphone? When it comes to buy any smartphone, it becomes very hard to choose what is best for us. In my last post I told you about some important things to know before buying any smartphone. But, in that post I let you decide by your own on one aspect i.e., Android Vs iPhone. This is the toughest decision to make while selecting one out of other.

If you have ever asked yourself the same question before buying any smartphone then this post is for you. If you like iPhone or Android because of any personal reason then this post is not for you. Let’s have a look on both categories by comparing what they are providing.

Hardware: iPhone or Android

Whenever we talk about any gadget then first thing that came in mind is hardware. This point will directly clear many of your questions which include which is better Android or iPhone? iPhone are designed and manufactured by only one company and that is Apple. So, they have tight control over compatibility of their device’s hardware with software.
On the other side, Google have provided it’s Android OS to many makers including HTC, Samsung, Motorola etc. Many company wants to provide cheap smartphone and they don’t care about the quality of their smartphone. This results into over heating, freezing and even breaking of your device.

Although, high-priced android smartphone features good hardware and software combination too. iPhone had some hardware issues too at a time but still their hardware quality is always higher than most of the Android supported smartphones.
If you want to iPhone then you may be confuse between the model only but if you go for android then you need to select both the brand and model.
This is the reason, some people loves variety of android smartphones while some found it confusing and stick to iPhone.

Operating System: Update and Upgrade

If you want to make sure that your smartphone has latest updates for OS then there is only one otion, iPhone. Because, Android makers are very slow about updating their phones to latest android firmware. Not only this, but sometimes they even don’t update their smartphone at all after manufacturing it. Almost every android user always have this fear in mind whether his or her device will continue to get latest update or not.

This is the reason why Apple include “S” in iPhone names.

In case of iPhone, it’s completely different,  every device which has compatible hardware will definitely get latest update. For example, iOS 10 include full support for iPhone 5 which was released 5 years back in 2012. On the other side, Android N support around 20% of the available android devices only. More than 50% iPhone users were using latest OS update within one week of its release but around  7-8% android users are using Android N even after a year of its release.

App Store: Wide or Junky?

Any smartphone is incomplete without latest apps which are the results of developers. You need to choose wisely what type of apps you need in your smartphone. Apple App Store offers around 2.3 Million apps while Google Play Store offers around 2.8 Million apps. The different is huge but only the quality matters. Apple has strict rule for developers to publish their app on App store to avoid junk apps.

On the other hand, Google has different standards to publish apps on Play Store which focus on free apps first. Developeres face problem to create an android app which support all android devices due to high variety of smartphones available. If a developer wants to create app for android then they will have to make sure the app must support atleast 1000s types of android smartphones available. However, in the end, there are many devices which don’t support all games.
Most important, not all best apps are available on Google Play Store, more number of free apps means there will be more number of spam and junks unlike Apple Apps Store.

Video Games: Best Platform To Enjoy Free Time

Playing video game on device is the best way to enjoy without going out. There was a time when Nintendo and Sony’s PlayStation were dominating video game market. But, with change in time and use of modern high quality graphics have change the dominator too, it’s iPhone now.

mario game for iphone
Apple’s devices have become dominant players in video game market with a number of high quality games and millions of daily players across the globe. There are rumors that Apple may eclipse Nintendo and Sony’s PlayStation in game market due to huge growth of iPhone in gaming platform.
Due to Android apps being focused on free apps, many developers produce games and apps for iPhone first and then later for Android. Because of these some game companies have already stopped developing game for android and some hasn’t shown interest in developing games for android in future.

Service: Best Assistance For Your Device

Android and iPhone performs well on their platform for day-to-day use. There are very rare chances that you face any problem in your device (if you are using proper brand). But still, anything can happen anytime and the gadgets breaks once at-least in their lifespan. At that time, all you need is best support for your device.
If you are an iPhone user then you can take your device to nearest Apple Store and an expert will fix it for you. But if you are using android smartphone then you may find quit confusing as there is no official service center or store for Android. You need to take your phone either to authorized service center of your smartphone make or else you need to take your phone to any unauthorized technician at your own risk.

Battery Life: More Power To Your Device

Battery is most important part of any electronic device. If you want non-stop user experience then you need a phone with good battery life. The batteries on early iPhone and android device were a big trouble as they need to be charged every day and sometime twice a day too. With new technologies like UI optimization and introducing large capacity battery has managed this problem that we can go without charging iPhone for days.

On the other side, this situation is kinda complex in case of android smartphones because of number of type of smartphones available. Some have extra apps and big screen size up-to 7 or 8 inch which consume more battery while others big body is capable of carrying big battery of large capacity. If you don’t mind some extra apps and really need a long lasting battery then you can go for android but don’t forget to read important points to remember while purchasing any smartphone.

Integration with Other Devices

Only one smartphone cannot satisfy one user always. There are a lot of users who use tablets, computer or wearable (smart watches or band) along with their smartphone. If you are also one among them, then nothing can be better than Apple for you.
Because Apple makes computers, tablets and wearable along with iPhone and it offer features which android can’t. The best one is Apple’s continuity feature by which you can unlock you Mac with your watch, all of your devices receive any call coming into iPhone, you can even start writing an email on your iPhone and finish it later on your Mac at office or home. Not, only these all the devices are even integrated in terms of update, if any update is released for iPhone then at the same time update will come for Mac, tablet and any other Apple gadget.

Although, Android’s services like Gmail, Maps, Google Now are much advanced but they are limited to smartphone only because not every company manufacture all device which can use android OS. You can’t integrate all of your device until they all have same platform i.e., Google’s Android.

Virtual Assistance: Siri or Google Assistance

Artificial intelligence is the technology which have its merits and demerits both. In case of smartphones, it’s confirmed that the Artificial Intelligence will drive the future of smartphones  and your voice will control device instead of touch.
Google Assistance and Siri are two intelligent Virtual Assistance for your smartphone. Google assistance is has become most prominent and powerful intelligence system. It use all the information that it knows about you and makes your world comfortable for you on basis of that. For example, if you need to attend meeting at 6:15 pm and your calendar knows about it then Google Assistance will send you notification telling you that you need to leave early if the traffic is terrible in your area. Isn’t it cool?

On the other side, Siri is the opponent of Google Assistance in artificial intelligence. Although there are lot of improvement added in Siri over the recent updates of iOS 10 and iOS 11 but still it’s limited to simple tasks only and it lacks advance smartness of Google Assistance.
Tip: You need not to change you device to get Google as Assistant because Google Assistance is also available for iPhone.

Pure User Experience: Elegance and Customization

Now that’s part of exploring some extra capabilities of your smartphone. If you want to customize your phone according to your need then you will definitely prefer Android over iPhone. This is a great feature but it has it’s disadvantages too. The smartphone maker adds extra apps to your system which make the device equipped with junky apps in the name of extra features. But true experience of using smartphone isn’t limited to features only. You device must be smart enough if it has named as smartphone.
With iPhone, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues as you will get only Apple apps with your iPhone and there will not be any bloatware in the phone. But, you will have access to apps available on Apps Store and you can’t customize your smartphone the way you like.


Apple focus on elegance and simplicity in their iPhone and that is the biggest reason users cannot upgrade the storage and replace the battery by their own. Although, you can replace the battery with help of certified Apple technician for the safety.
On the other side, android let users to upgrade storage by using external SdCard and replacing the battery with external battery equipped. Now, the android is also upgrading their maintenance and simplicity just because of it many manufacturers are coming with device which have hybrid SIM slot or internal battery. It depends upon you what you want, if you don’t want to run out of storage then go for Android so that you can upgrade it anytime without spending high amount on iPhone.

Security: No Doubt At All

iphone security

If you really care about security of your smartphone then nothing can beat iPhone. If security matters a lot for you then do not ever think about any other option rather than iPhone. There are few reasons behind it but all have their facts. Some Interesting Facts About Apple..

More than 97% of malware, viruses, worms and other security threats were developed for android only and 0% of them attacked on iPhone. If you still have any doubt then listen to what Google’s Android team head said, “We can’t guarantee that android is designed to be safe…If I had company dedicated to malware, I should also be targeting my attacks on Android.”

The big reason for security issues in the Android is that most of the majority of people use Android smartphone which make them a already chosen target for virus and hackers. Still, both Android and iPhone aren’t completely safe but with new developments they can be more secure. For example, with Android 10 the security of the smartphone is likely to be increase by a good margin.

Resale Value: What Will Be Your Smartphone’s Worth After Sometime

Although, with android and iPhone you get latest technologies including security, big screen, advanced UI and a lot more. But, there has always been advancement to the technology. Because of it there will always be an upgrade available for your device at most once in a year. There is always better option available after sometimes and at that time you would like to upgrade to new smartphone too. But, with every upgrade you would want yourself to be sure that you will get better resale price of your old smartphone.
In this case you can trust iPhone as they keeps their worth even after 2 years. You can see almost double difference in resale price iPhone and Google’s top brand manufacturers like Samsung or Motorola Nexus.

However, the decision to buy any device varies from buyer to buyer. Different persons count different categories. If a person is concerning about some specific points then he/she will definitely make decision according to that no matter how advance other things could be. Some will give preference to hardware and some will give preference to features and some will only care about battery life. It all depends on the usage and requirement of the person.
I have tried to help you with some honest points according to my belief, but make sure you take good decision according to your requirement only. You may find a lot of pros and cons about both android and iPhone on the internet. But many will prefer the device which they are using. iPhone users will always prefer iPhone even if android is good.

Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and if you have any suggestions and questions please comment below.



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