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How To Download Gmail Emails & Other Data To Computer

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How to Download Personal Data to Your Computer/Download Gmail Emails

Internet is very vast and you may never know what happens when you submit any data online. Although, the companies assure their customers that their data is secure with them. Still there are several cases when people got trust issues when their data were leaked online. For example, if you are on Facebook and then you may definitely have entered a lot of personal information on your profile.

You can even download your personal data to your computer whenever you want. Also, you can download your data to check what kind of information company store on their servers. You can download your personal data from Apple, you can even download Gmail emails to your computer to keep a record with you in case you delete those from your email.

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Download Data from Apple

As per new data and privacy policies, all Apple users can now view and download their personal data which is stored on Apple servers. The data consists of all activities that Apple stores on servers since you used Apple for the first time. This data includes activities on Apple Store, Apple ID, AppleCare history & data stored on iCloud (images, videos & other documents). To download your data from Apple’s privacy portal, you need to go through following procedure.

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Download Personal Data from Apple:

  • Log on to Apple’s Data & Privacy page.
  • Login with you Apple ID you are using or used in the past
  • Now move to “Get a copy of your data” and click on “Get Started
  • Now, choose all the data you want to download and select maximum file size
  • Click on “Complete Request

Now, as per your request, you will receive notification after retrieving your data from servers and all the data will be on your Apple ID account page. You will get 14 days to download your data on your computer, after which you will have to request again with same procedure.

Thus, you can download your data safely from your Apple account. If you don’t want any of your data then you can even request them to delete all of your data stored on servers. (Be careful with this, as data once deleted from servers can’t be retrieved in future).

Download Personal Data from Facebook

Apple is not only which is storing your personal data on their servers, Facebook also stores your data on their servers. This data includes all of your post, images, videos and other which you shared on your profile. You can also download your Facebook data to your computer in case you want to store it on more secure place. Download your personal facebook data by following these steps.

download facebook data download your data

Download All Facebook Data:

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on “Settings” under down arrow on top right
  • Now You will Click on “Your Facebook Information” on the left bar below General settings
  • Click on “Download Your Information
  • Select Data range, Format and media quality, then click on “Create File
  • After submitting your request you will get notification once your file is ready.
  • Click on the notification you get about your information download and you will get link to download your data.
  • You may need to enter your password to download the file containing your Facebook Data.

Not only this, by visiting Facebook Information setting, you will get other options which will allow you to manage your Facebook Data, Access Your Information, Delete Your Account & Information, and an Activity Log of your Facebook profile.

Download Data from Google/ Download Gmail Emails

After you have downloaded and secured your Facebook and Apple data. Now the question that come in mind is how to download GMail emails and other personal data from Google and its apps (Gmail, YouTube, Calendar, Photos etc). Well, there is no need to worry about as you can download all of your data form Google in few simple steps. You can even choose to delete your data from Google in case you don’t want it to store it anymore.

download gmail emails and download personal data
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How to download data from Google:

  • First of all, head over to Download Your Data page and login with your email account.
  • Now choose the products, of which you want to download data.
  • You can even customize you download by clicking down arrow for each product.
  • Click on Next once you have customized your data
  • Choose your file type (.zip or .tgz). [.zip allow maximum file size of 2 GB & .tgz allow maximum of 50GB]. You can download WinRAR from here to extract files.
  • Choose download delivery method to download your data. You will have a week to download all of your data. After that you may have to request again to download your data.

However, you can choose above method to download personal data from Google photos, download Gmail emails and other Google data from Google servers.

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