Mac Vs PC – Which Should I Buy?

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Mac Vs PC – Which Should I Buy?

Well, this question may get into your heads and makes you wonder. But you’re not the only one here thinking and asking the same thing. There are a lot of people with a lot of theories with explanation both in favour of Mac Vs PC. In today’s post, we have tried to provide some of the reasonable conclusions for Mac VS PC which may help you choose the one out of both. Here, from Mac we refer to computer’s running Apple’s macOS and from PC we refer to other computers running on Windows. Thus you can also take this comparison as a Mac Vs Windows comparison.


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Note: Please note that this is not related to any brand computer. This post is all about two different computers running on different operating systems.

Operating System

Although, we know both the terms are different operating systems of different manufacturers. Also most popular too. macOS & Windows are both really good operating systems and their user base have proved it. Both are clean, fast and capable to do great things.

  • Windows: There are several manufacturers that manufacturers Windows-based computers. These manufacturers installed their version of Windows. In short, they add some of the bloatware in the operating system. For example, you can find third party software installed on your computer when you buy a new from a brand. This brings productivity to user experience but if you don’t like it then you can easily remove them from your computer.
  • macOS: The best and sad thing about MacOS is that only Apple manufacture these computers. You may miss a lot of feature in Windows.

Note: If you’re looking for a change then you can use Boot Camp in MacOS to run Windows on your Mac Computer. If you’re a Windows user then you can go for Linux and use it alongside Windows.

Pricing – Is it a good idea to pay more?

No matter how many features a manufacturer provides in their products. Still, pricing has always been an important factor to decide the sale.

  • Mac: Mac Computers are said to be more expensive than every other computer. But it is the truth that Apple computers along with their peripherals are far more expensive than Windows computer. However, the Apple computer promises super built quality, high-quality components etc.
  • PC: Almost all the computer (even with their peripherals) are far less expensive than Apple computers. Although, you can experience the build quality on your own. But still, Windows computers can save you a lot when you customize the computer according to your need. Hence, PC wins this Mac Vs PC category.

Software – Mac VS Windows

A good computer is a computer which can work for you and support every piece of software. There is no doubt that Windows computers are ruling the software market and that’s the reason developers focus on creating software compatible with Windows computer. Although, Mac has also seen a huge growth in a number of supported software in recent years. Still, you can find hundreds of free software available for Windows which you can’t get in Mac.

Upgrade & Customization

Technology is definitely ruling the world today. Developers and engineers are continuously working to create a more flexible and reliable computing experience. This is actually good but it can let you think about your computer upgrade.

Although, you can customize your Mac computer with several options available. But the fact is, Apple is the only manufacturer producing Mac computer which is pre-built. But, there are several manufacturers which produce Windows computer which results in more customization and easy upgrade options. You can build your computer according to your need and you can also easily upgrade your computer in future without buying a new one. Hence, PC is the winner in this Mac VS PC category.

Drivers & Hardware Compatibility

Drivers are required to configure specific hardware on the computer. In this case, Mac computers definitely are the choice because, as we mentioned earlier, Apple is the sole manufacturer of Mac and thus they provide all the driver and compatibility software.

PCs, on the other hand, are being manufactured by several companies and several types of hardware are used in Windows computer. This may create troubles for any user if he/she needs to install driver software before listening to music on their speaker. But, with Windows 10, driver issues have been solved in recent years. Now, the user doesn’t need to install new drivers for basic things to do on the computer. You only need to install the specific driver (gaming, printer etc). Now, Mac is the clear winner in Mac VS Windows.


Security is the most important for any use in the world. You should be aware of whether your personal data is secured in your computer.

  • Mac: Mac shares around 10% of the total market share in the world. Which is both a good and somewhat poor situation for Mac users. We all are aware of the fact that there are fewer security vulnerabilities in Mac than in Windows. Windows users are most likely to be affected by Viruses and Malware than Mac users. But, there are 10% Mac users and around 90% Windows users. Hence, the count of virus threats may be somewhat misleading. Still, Mac has proved better security than Windows.
  • Windows: Maximum number of people use Windows computer and this is the biggest reason that it is a favourite target for hackers and attackers. Although, a newer version of Windows has made great improvement in security. Still, a maximum number of Malware is created for PCs. Hence, there are chances that you won’t be having many security issues with Mac. Obviously, Mac is the winner here in the Mac vs Windows debate.

Gaming – Mac Vs Windows

If you’re a game lover then there is the probability of you being a Windows user. Windows occupy around 90% of the computer market share in the world. Which make it the first preference for game developers to develop games for vase number of users. Also, you can improve your gaming experience by modifying your PC and adding more resources to it. But, if you neglect Mac Pro, there aren’t any Macs that can keep up PC running a mid-range graphic card. Hence, read this Mac VS PC category if you’re going to buy a computer for gaming purpose.

Repair Costs – Mac VS PC

We all are aware of Apple’s products and manufacturing facts. The company tends to make their products line and compact as possible. Integrating so many transistors on a single chip to reduce size is the best way to do it. Hence, if you need to repair or upgrade your computer in future then you might have to replace several parts of the computer. This results in higher repair costs. On the other hand, PC can be repaired easily as they are easy to assemble in their Cabinet. You can easily remove any part you want to replace. You can find similarity between the repair costs of Windows Laptop and Mac. According to this Mac VS Windows comparison, Windows computer can save your bucks on repair costs.

Other Features

Those were the main difference between Mac VS PC. There are also some other points which may affect your choice in selecting anyone of two. Let’s compare them in both cases.

  • Boot Time: Mac has been said to boot up faster than Windows computers. But, with the advancement in Windows 10, PC boot time has decreased drastically. You can even disable any unwanted program in your startup to increase boot speed. Although both Mac & PC are using the same SSD hard disks, still PCs have much faster options.
  • Touch Capability: You may have come across a touch screen laptop (HP 2 in one, Surface etc) running on Windows. However, Mac offers no touch screen capability in any of its laptop or desktop products. You can satisfy yourself with Touch Bar on some MacBooks but still, this feature is missing.

Conclusion – Mac VS PC or Mac VS Windows

There is a lot of difference between Mac and PC. We recommend you choose any of the above according to your requirement. Technology is getting more advanced day by day and it may be possible that you would need to upgrade your computer. Also, not all PCs are the same. As we already discussed, there a lot of manufacturers producing Windows Computers. You cannot find the same build quality and feature in all of them. It is suggested that you choose accordingly. If you are still playing the Mac VS PC game in your mind, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you out.



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