Download Free Ringtones [Best Websites]

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Download Free Ringtones to Your Phone Safely

This post introduces the best websites to download free ringtones on your phone. You can easily download these ringtones for free of cost. Most smartphone users are fed up with their default ringtones. If you’re one of them and want something cool which suits your taste, then this post is all yours. By using this guide, you can download any music as your ringtone by making a clip out of your favourite music track.

Note: This post is for informative purpose only. This is not a promotional post for any website or brand. Downloading stuff from the internet may get malware in your smartphone, we suggest you adopt security measures in your smartphone to ensure security from security threats. Please read the guide at the end of this post before you download anything to your smartphone.

Best Websites to Download Free Ringtones

This list has a wide range of websites from where you can download your favourite ringtones and set them according to your need. All the ringtones provided on these sites are free to use and you can change this tone any number of times you want:

1. Download Free Ringtones from Zedge

Zedge is one of the most popular mobile content discovery platforms where you can find a lot of stuff for your smartphone. Their website and smartphone app provide live wallpapers, video clips, music, wallpapers, stickers and amazing ringtones. You can download free stuff either from their website or enjoy their smartphone app. You can play the ringtone before downloading it to your Android smartphone. Also, this website provides the best ringtones for iPhone 6/6s/7/8/8 Plus/X/XR/XS/XS Max.


                Steps to download free ringtones from

  1. Visit the official website (
  2. Click on “Browse Now”
  3. Now, Click on the “Ringtones” section
  4. Click on the triangle icon to play the ringtone or click on another part to open the ringtone page
  5. Now click on the Download icon on the Top Right section of the webpage.


This is another best website to download free ringtones to your smartphone. You can find a lot of new ringtones and free mobile wallpapers on your Android or iPhone smartphone. You can sort and search the ringtones according to genres. They have a wide range of genres including Jazz, Ambient, Dance, Electronica, Rock, Pop and so much. If you’re looking for your favourite ringtone then don’t forget to hit the search box provided on the website.

                Steps to download free ringtones from

  1. Hit the website today
  2. Search for your favourite ringtone in the search box or according to the Genres list on the right side
  3. Now, Click on the ringtone you like
  4. Hit the play button to listen to the music
  5. Click on Download MP3 Ringtone or Download iPhone Ringtone

3. Ringtones

This is another mobile content platform where you can find a lot of things for your smartphone. The content that you can find here include but not limited to Live Wallpapers, Free Themes, Games, Free Ringtones and other Apps etc.


                Steps to download ringtone from

  1. Visit the website at
  2. You will see a huge list of ringtones on the webpage
  3. Click on the play icon or directly on the download button to save the ringtone on your phone
  4. To find compatible ringtones for your smartphone, select your phone make and model number on the right side of the webpage
  5. You can also search for your favourite track on the top right search box or find it from the genres list

4. Download Free Ringtones from

This is one of the cool websites to download ringtones on a computer or smartphone. You can find a huge collection of ringtones here and listen to all those music tracks before downloading them to your phone. Not only this, if you didn’t like the music then you can rate the ringtone so that the next user will see the ratings for a specific tone. You can find your favourite ringtone by searching on the search box or find the best-rated ringtone.


                Steps to download Ringtones from

  1. Logon to the website at
  2. Search the ringtone or click on any tone you like
  3. Play or download the file on your smartphone and rate the music if you like


They have a wide collection of sound, effects and cell phone ringtones. You can also find amazing wallpapers on the website. You can find the best ringtones for your smartphone easily on the website and play or download instantly. Everything on the website is 100% free and you won’t even find many irritating ads. You can check the popularity of any ringtone by seeing the no. of downloads.

free ringtones download list for mobiles

                Steps to download from

  1. Visit the website at
  2. Click on any SMS tone, alarm tone or ringtone
  3. Play or download the file directly to your phone
  4. Enjoy an unlimited number of ringtones at no hidden cost

Things to remember before downloading anything:

Well, those were some of the amazing websites to find the best mobile content for your smartphone. Still, there are a few things that you must consider before downloading anything to your smartphone or computer or any other device. These precautions can save your device from security threats such as malware, virus etc. Downloading free stuff from the internet can put some malware in your device and this can harm your privacy. We suggest you take the following steps before proceeding to download free ringtones for your smartphone:

  • Install some security software such as an Antivirus, in your smartphone
  • If you can’t install the security on your smartphone then download the content on your computer first and scan for antivirus on the computer
  • Check for security issues online by visiting
  • Always, download content only from the best resources
  • Check for website security certificates (i.e, HTTP)
  • Read the file name carefully (for example, if you are downloading a ringtone file then it should have an audio file extension instead of any other)
  • Do not enter your credential to download any free kinds of stuff from the internet

Please follow the above safety measure and keep your device safe from security threats. Our opinion is to use for best and secure ringtone download to your smartphone. They have a lot of content and are in the business since 2003.



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