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Windows Features & Tricks You Must Know

Microsoft Windows is most versatile and widely used computer operating system. This Operating System was introduced back in 1985 as a graphical operating system shell for MS-DOS because of the growth of interest in Graphical User Interface. Very soon, It started dominating world’s computer market with over 90% market share. Microsoft is upgrading their operating system from time to time according to user’s demand and modern features. That is why it is still most popular Computer Operating system even after much growth in Android OS and Microsoft Windows 10 is making it more popular.

Windows 10 is the latest upgrade to Microsoft’s operating system range. Microsoft has marked a turning point after it’s launch. It combines super features and security of Windows 8 and easy usability of Windows 7. But, still many users find Windows 10 a bit difficult for them to understand and use all of the features. Today, I am going to tell you about some of the best and hidden features of Windows 10 that you are not aware about. Let’s start with following Windows tips:

Game Mode:

Being a gamer, this is my favorite feature of this operating system. This operating system includes a game mode which let you boost performance while game play. It reallocate system resources towards your game whatever you’re playing. There is a gaming panel introduced in settings so that you can quickly control Game DVR and Game Bar. You can even broadcast your game to your audience with sub-second latency using beam.

Press Windows+G to quickly open Game Bar if you are in middle of a game.

Access GodMode:

Yes you are right, you can set up and access GodMode in your computer. GodMode will brings up a special menu that puts lot of settings together in one place. To set up GodMode go to root directory (i.e., windows folder) and create a new folder. Rename the folder to “GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”. Just copy the text in “” and paste it on the folder name. It will create a special icon and when you click on that icon, it will open a beautiful advanced control panel.

Your Privacy in Your Hand:

Microsoft has finally upgraded it’s privacy settings in Windows 10’s latest Creator Update. You can now check what information does Microsoft collect from users. You can modify your privacy settings according to your usage. Windows 10 was free for Windows 7 and 8 users, but Mircosoft’s Creator update is not a free product.

Tip: while installing windows 10 choose custom install instead of express install, so that you can modify privacy settings easily.

Clean Up Your PC with Clean Installs: 

You can clean install your copy of windows if you are facing some issues in your computer. Go to Settings> Updates and Recovery> Recovery > You will see a new option of clean install under more recovery options. Click on “Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows”. By clicking on the link you will reach to online help page which will allow you to perform clean install by downloading a clean tool.

Manage Multiple Apps Easily With Task View:

This is one of the best thing about this OS. Using multiple apps and virtual desktops is more convenient now. Mac OS X and Linux users had these options from a long time but still it’s a great add on for Windows users. You can access and manage your virtual desktops by clicking Task-View icon right next to the search box on the taskbar. After clicking on Task view you will see all your opened apps. You can even separately open new app by dragging it to new desktop option on the right bottom corner.

Press Windows+Tab to quickly access task view.

Stylish and Colorful Desktop:

You can personalize your desktop more easily and more thoroughly than before. Windows 10 provides you a lot of color options to choose from. Go to Settings> Personalization >   Colors> Now choose show show color on task bar and Start Menu. You can also set an auto color according to your desktop background. There is lot more in the personalization settings including Dark theme, or removing Star menu’s translucent option.

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Save as PDF: 

If your printer is currently not available then you can save your document to PDF without using any external software. Earlier we need to use third-party software to save in PDF format but now we can easily save without using any external software.

Manage Your Time with Scheduling Updates: 

Microsoft may push out an update for your OS any time. You may be in middle of some important work when your computer starts taking updates. You can now easily schedule updates for an specific time. To enable this, Go to Settings> Updates and Recovery> Windows Update. You can even set up this feature for any future update by selecting show more notifications.

Original Maching and Virtual Machine are Different:

Confused? Yeah you may get confused after reading above heading. Try using Windows 10 on a virtual machine (i.e., Oracle VM) you may experience new things. If your system is running well and you don’t want to disrupt your OS then use this which will virtualize the entire OS withing your current OS.

Customize Start Menu:

The best improvement which has come over the years in Windows is the Start Menu. Windows 8.1 gave the relief which is just explainable. Now, Windows 10 has improved the start menu by mixing Win 7 and Win 8. You can customize the start menu according to you. You can resize the tiles, unpin them or uninstall them completely.

Tip: If you want Win 7 look back then unpin all Microsoft tiles in right side bar and you will get start menu look like as of Win 7.

Tweaking Command Prompt:

There is a lot of customization options have come in the command prompt. Many of the features of Command Prompt in Windows 10 include similar to Win 7 and 8. But, the best thing I noticed is customizing your background. You can even put transparent background in command prompt (I love it most).

Powerful Battery Saver:

Windows 10 is too smart than previous version of Windows. If you are on a laptop and your battery is running low, this smart Operating System will throttle back background services and other stuffs so that you can use the last bit of battery life. Battery saver is by default ON in Win-10 but if you want to enable battery saver manually, go to Settings> System > Battery Saver.

Scrolling in Background:

Sometime when you are using your mouse or touchpad, you may have noticed that you are not able to scroll when you hover your mouse on a window. It is because the window wasn’t active. To turn this feature ON go to, Settings> Devices> Mouse and Touchpad.

Cloud Storage with OneDrive:

Free cloud storage is love these days. Everyone wants to backup their personal data and important files on cloud. Microsoft makes it more easier with Windows 10 by integrating OneDrive. You can store your files and folders on OneDrive on any of mobile devices iOS or Android.

Set OneDrive to let you access any file on your PC remotely.

Setup Cortana the way you want: Windows 10 Tips

If you’ve laptop or a desktop with Microphone then you must use Cortana, your virtual assistant from Microsoft. Click on search field and select notebook icon on left. Click on settings and “let cortana respond to “Hey Cortana.” By this you will be setting up Cortana to listen up your commands.

Setup Firefox as your default browser or install Chrometana extension in Google Chrome to remove bing out of Cortana’s mind.

Access Control Panel: 

Windows 10 has upgrade settings panel and it looks more beautiful and great. But, at a time we need our old Control Panel to access some of the deep settings. You can easily access Control Panel by follwing ways:

  • Right Click on Start Button and Click on Control Panel on PopUp (You will find even more options along with Control Panel)
  • Type Control Panel in search box
  • Open Run (Windows+R) and type Control

Get Rid of Notifications: 

In Windows 10, one thing can disturb you anytime and that it, notifications. There are a number of them and many are just Unnecessary. You can turn all of them off by going to, Start> Settings> System> Notifications and actions> Turn off windows tips and specific app notifications.


These were some of the features and windows tips and tricks. I will be adding more very soon. If you have any suggestion or other features that I missed, comment down here. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and let the aware about all.


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