Hidden Meaning of “S” in iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S, & iPhone XS

hidden meaning of s in iphone

In this post your would find about hidden meaning of S in iPhone models. Yes there is something hidden in the phone name. There is a hidden meaning behind your favorite pizza restaurant’s logo. Another hidden meaning behind the logo of your car. There is a hidden meaning behind the logo or name of any brand that … Read more

Interesting Facts About Apple You Must Know!

apple facts steve jobs

There are many types of people around us. Before you think about something else let me confirm you that I am not talking about gender differences. I am talking about behavioral differences created by peoples and the technology. Today, the world belongs to two kinds of people, one who takes mirror selfies to let everyone … Read more

Android Vs iPhone: Which Is Better?

android smartphone vs iphone

Android VS iPhone Android Vs iPhone: Which is the best smartphone? When it comes to buy any smartphone, it becomes very hard to choose what is best for us. In my last post I told you about some important things to know before buying any smartphone. But, in that post I let you decide by … Read more

Secret Meaning Behind Famous Brand Logo You Don’t Know

meaning behind famous brand logo

A logo is a graphical mark, symbol, or emblem which is used by enterprises, organizations or anyone else who wants to promote their public recognition. Logo may be of any type including text, image, symbol etc which represents the organization’s work and their name. Sometime logos don’t include a single letter but they have deep meaning behind … Read more