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Those were the days when you had to wait for months for the DVD of new movies and stay tuned to cable TV for all movies and TV series. But, in past years, online streaming has become an important part of our entertainment era. Although, whenever it come about streaming movies and TV shows online, Netflix is the first to be in my mind. Then you can think about Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Hulu etc. Well, I guess you should update your streaming list as there is one more service coming this November. Yes, it is confirmed that Disney Plus from “The Walt Disney Company” is launching on 12th November for $6.99 per month. This will be a tough competition for Netflix and other streaming space giants.

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What is Disney Plus or Disney+?

Disney plus is the video streaming platform by The Walt Disney Company. Disney is not new in the video production service. It’s almost a century when first Short Film was created by Walt Disney in 1923. Later it has succeeded as biggest animation company with Walt Disney World. Now, they are coming with their Video-On-Demand service, Disney Plus, which will replace Netflix as the subscription Video On Demand right holder for all theatrical release. That means, all the Disney powered movies and TV shows will now air on Disney Plus instead of Netflix.

What to Expect from Disney Plus?

The company recently announced their launch of Disney Plus on Nov 12th this year. Along with that, the company has announced some of the forthcoming projects which will be at Disney Plus when you first logged into the VOD service. Not only the upcoming projects, but Disney Plus is going to be the home of all Disney’s various franchise, like Star Wars, Marvel, Pixer as well as National Geographic. Also, the video streaming service will be launched with two new Marvel series and a new Star Wars series.

Effect On Netflix & Other Streaming Services?

Well, this is definitely going to disrupt the streaming services, especially Netflix. Disney may use same algorithm as Netflix to show personalized content for users according to their watch history. Also, Netflix may be affected with Disney + because of the replacement of Disney franchised movies and TV series which will now stream on Disney’s streaming platform.

Disney+ Availability & Pricing?

Disney Plus will launch on November 12 this year and you can subscribe to the service for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. If we talk about competitive pricing then it’s clear that Disney is going to take down on Netflix by keeping the price almost half of the Netflix’s monthly cost. For Netflix, you have to spend $12.99 per month in US and Disney will be $5 lesser. Same pricing is followed by Amazon Prime ($12.99 per month) and Disney-owned Hulu ($11.99 per month).

TV Series & Movies on Disney Plus

As we earlier discussed, Disney+ will stream all the content from Disney’s different franchises, including Disney, Marvel, Pixer, Star Wars & National Geographic. Alongside the Disney+ launch two Marvel series and one Star Wars series will launch on DisneyPlus. The Marvel series will have Avengers characters – “WandaVision” and “Falcon & Winter Soldier”. I guess, this will be the best gift for all MCU fans out there. Disney has said to provide all Pixer and Star Wars content within the first year. Also, Disney+ is will exclusively stream popular TV show “The Simpson”.

Device Compatibility

Device compatibility won’t be an issue in DisneyPlus because it is going to support Web Browsers, Mobile Devices (Android, iOS), Tablets, Gaming Console, & Smart TVs. Also, Mayer has already announced that Disney has partnered with Sony & Roku to provide Video Streaming on their respective platforms. Your HD content may not run on maximum Android Phones.

However, there is one more streaming giant in the market. We will discuss about that in out next post. But, there is a 5 month time period to wait for DisneyPlus services. It may be possible that Netflix may find some other offers to attract more users. It is clear that this is not going to be easy for Amazon Prime Video or Netflix or any other Streaming Service because, we know that Disney has unlimited content for all.

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