Apple Watch Series 4 Key Specifications

Apple Watch Series 4: Important Things to Know About

Oh well well well! So the new Apple watch has launched already. With every year’s launch, all fans expect something special from the company. This Apple watch 4 or Apple Watch Series 4 was launched on Wednesday along with new iPhone models. But, there are certainly a few things, which make this watch out of box. Honestly, there are a lot of people’s which got disappointed with this year’s iPhone launch. There were nothing much about the launch except new display wallpaper, e-SIM, bigger size and that’s all with bigger price. But, the Apple Watch Series 4 really won the game by its extreme features. So, I will talk about a few things which will clear everything about newbie.

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Apple Watch Series 4 Key Specifications:

Before moving further, let’s have quick view on Apple Watch Series 4 key specifications so that you can be technically fit about this.

Type                      :               GPS+Cellular or GPS only

Size                        :               40 mm or 44 mm case

Display                 :               759 mm2 or 977 mm2 with LTPO OLED Retina & Force touch

Thickness            :               10.7 mm

Processor            :               64-bit Dual Core S4 (upto 2x faster than predecessor)

OS                          :               WatchOS 5

Sensors                :               Electrical Heat Sensor, 2nd Generation Optical Heart Sensor, Light Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Barometric Altimeter,

Finishing             :               Aluminum Steel or Aluminum with Ceramic & Sapphire crystal black

Color                     :               Silver/Space Black/Space Gray/Gold

Chip                       :               W3 Apple Wireless Chip

Connectivity      :               4G LTE & UMTS (GPS + Cellular models), Bluetooth 5.0

Power                   :               Built-in rechargeable battery, USB power adapter & magnetic cable

Storage                :               16GB (All variants)

Water Proof       :               Water resistant to 50 metres

Other Feature   :               Fall detection, Digital Crown with haptic feedback, GLONASS, Galileo

So, you have looked all features of the watch and you may have notice the display which is obviously bigger than previous Apple Watch Series 3. You can notice from the pic below that there isn’t much difference in the case but you will notice big difference in display area. The display are of smaller version of Apple Watch 4 is bigger than bigger variant of previous Apple Watch Series 3. The newer watch is more thing and looks handy on your hand.

The watch is powered by Apple S4 dual core processor which is upto 2x faster than the previous S3 processor in Apple Watch Series 3. And with new Lithium-ion battery you will not need charging for upto 18 hours. You can charge your watch with magnetic cable and USB power adapter. The new watch has upto 50% louder speaker than the previous one.

apple watch series 4 specifications
Apple Watch Variants (Image for reference)

Best Thing About Apple Watch Series 4

Well, big screen and bigger display doesn’t mean innovation which Apple has recently done about iPhones. Apple Watch 4 becomes special because of the sensors it has. These sensors are worth spending money on the Watch. You may like: Android Vs iPhone? Which Is Better?

The biggest feature is presence of Electrical Heart Sensor which will constantly keep an eye on your heart rate more accurately and will inform guidance in case of emergency and will record ECG. Also, Apple Watch 4 comes with Fall Detection which was absent in Apple Watch Series 3.

Apple Watch Series 4 Price & Buying Options

The price definitely plays and important roll here to decide the sale of the Watch. New Apple watch price will start from $399 (around Rs. 28,700). The pr-orders have already started from September 14th, and sale will go live from 21st September. Well, according to the news, the price of Apple Watch Series 4 may vary in India than United States. In India, this Watch may cost in the range of Rs. 40,000 to 52,000 for different variants of the watch. You can watch the watch from Apple’s official site.


However, the watch is definitely better than the previous one and it comes with lot of features. But still there are some points to remember and “FDA Approval” of the watch comes with few warnings and limitations. These warnings and limits include, real time monitoring or heart rate and irregular notifications. That’s why the FDA doesn’t  suggest this watch for people below 22. Also, the watch is recommended only for peoples who doesn’t have any medical conditioning leading to irregular heartbeat. There is no use of ECG app for such users.


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