Android Pie: Everything You Need To Know About

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Android is definitely most loved operating system around the world. With more than 2 billion smartphone userbase, Android is currently acquiring more than 80% of market share. There is no doubt that Android’s user experience and reliability have made Android as leader in smartphone industry. With a new Android version every year, Google is already making new features and more security accessible to users. Recently, Android has launched its latest Android Pie in August 2018. Android 9 Pie is fastest and advance Android version using Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this, post I am going to share some of the important information about Android Pie and how can you improve your experience on smartphone.

Android 9 Pie Features:

User Experience:

As the new update is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Android has made few changes to improve user experience in Android 9. You will not have to worry about a lot of things in your smartphone as it will automatically adapt your habits. It will learn the way you use your smartphone and will change your settings and configuration for your device. Following are improved and introduced features in new Android Pie:

Adaptive Battery:

android 9 pie batteryAdaptive battery feature in new Android let you go more with your smartphone. In this feature, your OS will optimize your battery usage according to the priority of the apps you use. For example, if you are using WhatsApp daily then there will not be any change in its battery usage. But, if you are not using any app (e.g., Weather) then it will optimize its background usage and battery consumption to save power. Hence, now your phone will only consume battery for Apps that you use on regular basis.

Adaptive Brightness:

android 9 adaptive brightnessNot only the battery usage, but now you don’t even need to worry about your brightness. Android Pie learn how you change brightness in your phone and it will automatically change brightness levels. Easy Peasy!

Auto Apps Actions:

Your apps will now adapt your daily routine. The apps will change their behaviour according to your action with them. For example, if an app is sending you notifications daily and you are continuously avoiding these notifications, then system will ask for your action. You can choose to continue receiving notification or you can directly stop these. Also, if you are listening music but you have to stop in between then after reconnecting your headphone you will see earlier used playlist in front of music app. You can also choose to auto play music when you connect your headphone.

Easy Screenshot:

android pie screenshotNow capture screenshot with hassle-free single button instead of three buttons. Screenshot has been added to power button. Press and hold power button and click on Screenshot option.

Rich Notifications:

Notifications have got richer in new Android 9 Pie. Now you can seen full conversation in your notifications without even need to opening the messaging app.

Easy DND (Do-Not-Disturb):

Now enable DND when it’s your bed time or you’re in a meeting. You can enable DND by swiping down and click on Do Not Disturb icon. Also, you can enable DND by placing your phone face down in “Shush” feature.

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We understand that Android is continuously working to make devices more secure. In Android 9 Pie, new “Lock-Down” mode is enabled which will disable biometric authentication until user use their password to log in.

Multiple Users & Enterprise Activities:

It has become easier to use a single device among different peoples. With multiple users, you can create new users and assign rights to different users so that it won’t interfere with your work. Best option for shift workers or public kiosks.

Also, with new enterprise features, you can even postpone OTA (Over-The-Air) updates for a time period of upto 90 days. In this time period you phone will not receive update and remain unchanged.

Other Features in Android Pie:

  • Improved and efficient dark mode
  • Volume slide now located near to physical button
  • Rounded corners across GUI
  • Display cut-out support
  • Clock moved to left side of navigation bar
  • Updated image and video encoders & decoders
  • Odisa & Assamese language are supported as UI language.
  • You won’t see any orange overlay on notification and status bars when in battery saver mode.

Android Pie Supported Smartphones:

Unfortunately, even after fixing all security flaws in Android 9 Pie, less than 5% of total Android smartphones are using latest Android OS. Below are the smartphones which are currently supporting Android Pie till October 2018. These devices have either received Android Pie 9 update or will receive update in upcoming months.

However, Android 9 Pie is definitely going to change the user experience in Android. As per the reviews, new operating system is being popular among the users currently using. We have tried to give you complete information about the software and its eligible devices. For more information, you can contact your device manufacture about the timing you will get new updates. If you like this post, don’t forget to share this among your friends and you can join us on Facebook, Twitter.

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