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Google Project Fi – Google Fi Supported Phones, FAQs & More

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Google Project Fi: Everything You Need To Know About Google Fi Project

Google Fi, which was earlier known as Project Fi, is virtual mobile network operator that provide Phone, Messaging/Texting & Data Services. It uses both WiFi and Mobile Network. Well you may already know about Google Project Fi but you may be missing on some points which we’re going to clear in this post. As the services are now open to everyone, so let’s have a look on Google Fi supported devices/smartphones, pricing, and other FAQs.

What Exactly is Google Project Fi?

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For an instance, you can understand Google Fi as a phone carrier provided by Google. Project Fi work on both Cellular Network and WiFi. You can enjoy uninterrupted Data Services along with quality Phone calls and Messaging with Google Project Fi. This mobile virtual network uses any of three major mobile network providers (Sprint, T-Mobile & U.S. Cellular). Not only this, Project Fi also promises to provide simplified billing without any hidden fees or averages.

How Does Google Fi Works For You?

Google Fi operates with the help of a special SIM card along with a little software installed on your phone. This cellular network easily switches between the three networks according to need and variation in network conditions. Isn’t it cool where you can use services from three different operators at a time by using single SIM-card in your phone?

Can You Stream HD Content On Your Phone?

If you’re using Google Pixel 3, 3XL, 2 and 2XL then you can avail benefits of Google Fi without even using physical SIM-card. Hence, you SIM-card slot will remain free for future if you want to use any other carrier’s network. Not only three networks but your phone will also have the power of WiFi whenever possible. You phone will automatically search for available open-networks which are secure and good for strong connection.
Still not feeling safe? Well, all the WiFi connection will be routed by a VPN for user’s safety in unknown WiFi networks. You call and text will also work perfectly even when you’re using WiFi.

Google Fi Supported Phones

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Before switching to Google Fi, you need to make sure that you phone supports this new mobile network services. Earlier in 2015, only Nexus 6 was designed to use Project Fi. Then later, things changed and other phones made available from Google, LG and Motorola. Then Google changed the name from Project Fi to Google Fi and now every unlocked phone with some modifications can support their services. Here is a list of smartphones that don’t require any further modification and directly offers Google Fi services with some Freebies.

  • Google Pixel 3 & 3XL –              $100 Fi service credit
  • Google Pixel 2XL –              $300 Fi service credit
  • Motorola Moto G6 –              $100 Fi service credit
  • LG V35 ThinQ –              $200 Fi service credit
  • LG G7 ThinQ –              $200 Fi service credit
  • Android One Moto X4 –              $100 Fi service credit

Get New Plan On Your Old Phone?

You can easily use Google Fi on your old smartphone as most of the modern Android smartphones and iPhones are supporting Google Fi. After upgrading, you will have reliable coverage and all the features from Google Fi that you love. Although, you may face some issue with some features  (Unique Network Switching) which are only available on phones designed for this Fi plan. Still, you can get lot of you great feature and also you can trade-in your old smartphone with a new fully supported phone. You can check more details and your device compatibility here.

Billing & Pricing

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When it comes to billing and pricing, Google has made one simple plan that is flexible according to your need. Your cost will varies in between $20 (unlimited calls/text) to $80 (unlimited calls, text and data services). Stay updated with below information:

  • Base Plan                     Unlimited Text & Calls                    – $20
  • Data                                           6GB                                        – $10 /GB
  • Bill                                Protection After 6 GB                      – NIL

Hence, if you are using only calls and text then you will spend $20 for a month (No hidden charges). If you are using data services then you will have to pay $10 for every 1GB up to 6GB. After 6GB, data will be a bit slower but remains unlimited without any extra charges. Hence, even if you use unlimited calls, messaging and data services you will not spend more than $80 in a month (i.e., 20$ for call/text and $60 for internet).

International Usage?

Well you can use Google Fi seamlessly internationally in over 170 countries with no extra cost for Texting & Data services. You can also avail much lesser cost for calling (starting at $0.20 / minute) when you’re on Mobile Network. Also, much lesser call cost when you’re connected to WiFi. The biggest advantages is that you will not have to pay anything to use internet or texts while roaming internationally across more than 170 countries in the world. But, you need to make sure that the country you’re travelling in supports full LTE speeds, otherwise speeds may drops.

Do I Really Need Google Fi?

Well, this is really upto you whether you want to use Google Fi or not. But, if you have really reached at this point of this article then it seems you might be interested in this new initiative in the world of mobile networks. Although, you can switch to Project Fi within a few minutes and avail the power of using 3 different carriers along with WiFi by using single SIM-card. The best part about this virtual network is that you will have simplified billing as per your need.
There is bill protection to cap your internet charges every month so that you don’t exceed your budget. Also, Google Project Fi allow seamless international roaming services in more than 170 countries. You can join the program by visiting the link here and get $20 credit.



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