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Best Free Online Jigsaw Puzzles Games

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Best free online jigsaw puzzle games are available for smartphones, computers, tablets, Xbox, etc. You can play these puzzle games several times. When it comes to the best puzzle games, nothing can beat the classic jigsaw puzzles. Below is the list of best jigsaw puzzle games that you can play online for free and download to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

What is Jigsaw Puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzle is a brain exercising puzzle game that require you to join the oddly shaped pieces of an image to form the actual image. Every piece has a portion of a picture, when you put together to join them all, they becomes the whole picture.

  • Jigsaw puzzles were invented at the beginning of the 18th century. Earlier, these were created on wood instead of paper.
  • Jigsaw puzzles usually include pictures from nature, buildings, famous cities, or some castles.
  • In earlier days, jigsaw puzzles usually had various shapes instead of an actual image.
  • You may find some puzzles with the world or a country map on it.
  • These puzzle games got their name as Jigsaw after 1880.

Tips to Play Jigsaw Puzzle Games

Playing jigsaw games is easy but requires some practice. Anyone can solve a puzzle even if it is their first time. But to solve a puzzle in less time require more practice. You can solve these puzzles online or offline. Here is a guide on how to solve jigsaw puzzles:

  • Choose your playing platform: You can choose to play online or offline. But playing jigsaw games online is better than buying a puzzle offline. You will get daily new updated puzzles online, and you can even play for free. We have provided a list of the best free online jigsaw puzzle games that you can play right now.
  • Select an image and start your game: In the beginning, go with an image that has easier structures. For example, you can start with images having a massive part of the sky or water in them.
  • Start with border: You can easily create the edges of a puzzle as all the border pieces have one flat side. Hence, you can quickly sort flat puzzles and join those together.
  • Check the image: All jigsaw game websites have the option to take a sneak-peak at the complete picture. However, the size may be smaller; still, it is worth trying. Taking a look at the image can help you identify the colors and shapes for your puzzle.
  • Larger Color Area: After creating the border of your puzzle, go for the part of the image that has the same color. That is how you can quickly complete a specific section of the puzzle, and the pieces are lesser than before.
  • Match with borders: Put the pieces aside and start matching with the image borders you have created. It will help you complete the puzzle easily.
  • Practice: If you like playing these games, you need to practice regularly; make sure you level up your game to become efficient in it.

Ok, so now you know how to play these jigsaw puzzle games. Let us move forward with the list of websites that offer free jigsaw puzzles. Make sure to check these websites to find good image puzzles. Best Free Online Puzzle Site

It is one of the best sites to play jigsaw puzzle online. You can find an unlimited number of puzzles that are updated from time to time. You can also sign up for the site and get daily new puzzles at your mailbox. TheJigsawPuzzles allows you to create your jigsaw puzzle. You can upload your favorite picture and create a jigsaw puzzle out of it. Apart from playing puzzle games, you can save your progress and share the performance socially. - Free Jigsaw Puzzle Online


  • Thousands of puzzles updated
  • Custom puzzles
  • Play anytime and share the progress
  • 1-Click full-screen


  • Number of ads (but that’s okay, it doesn’t interrupt gaming)
  • Need a mouse

Jigsaw Puzzles Game with Least Ads: is another free online jigsaw puzzle game website with the least ads. You will find premium mystery puzzles to pass your free time. The library of puzzles is vast and allows you to play the game many times. The website contains fewer ads, and a separate player will let you play the game smoothly without any ads. You may not find the website’s layout promising, but the gaming experience is excellent here.

Jigsaw Explorer-Enjoy premium Online Jigsaw Puzzles


  • Premium jigsaw puzzle online
  • Mystery puzzles
  • Daily Updated
  • Create your puzzle and share it with anyone


  • Game player take some time at first load
  • Simple but confusing UI

Play Free Jigsaw Puzzle Online: Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet is one of the most popular online jigsaw puzzle games available for free. The best part about is that the website is responsive and auto-fit on a smaller screen. Hence, you won’t face any issues even if you want to play the addicted Jigsaw Puzzle Games on your mobile phone. Jigsaw Planet features thousands of free puzzles to choose from. The site also allows you to sign up for a free membership but don’t worry; you can still play anytime without membership.  

Jigsaw Planet Puzzles


  • The puzzles support smaller screens (i.e., Mobile, Tablet, etc.)
  • Thousands of puzzles to choose from
  • Simple and Fast website


  • Outdated website design
  • Nothing much in the membership

Online Jigsaw Puzzle 500 Pieces:

Jigidi is another top puzzle game for all Jigsaw lovers out there. You can pick any puzzle and start playing. All you have to do is enable flash-player in your browser. No downloading is required. Apart from this, you can create a free account to explore features such as saving progress, doing your puzzles. They have a massive library of puzzles, and if you don’t like any of those, create your own and start solving those.

Jigidi Jigsaw Puzzles On line


  • Free with fewer ads
  • Multiple size options (40 pcs. 400+ pcs.)


  • The website is not mobile-friendly
  • Require flash-player

Jigsaw Puzzles Online Free – is another free puzzle website for all jigsaw lovers. You can play thousands of free jigsaw games here. The puzzles are updated daily, and you can even create your puzzle. They have a broad category of puzzles to choose from. You can select images of animals, bridges, cats, Christmas, colorful, Dogs, Fantasy, Flowers, Houses, and travel, and many more.

How to play Jigsaw Puzzle Games?

These puzzle games are fun to play when you get bored. If you want to give a try then here are some tips on how to play Jigsaw Puzzle games:

  1. First of all, visit any of the websites we have mentioned earlier in this post. Don’t know which one to choose? Try with
  2. Now click on any of the puzzles you find on the home screen
  3. Click on “play the puzzle,” and wait for the platform to load completely
  4. Click “OK,” and the timer will start. You will have the option to show only the corner pieces.
  5. Start with the corner pieces first. You will have the border ready within minutes.
  6. Once you have built the border with corner pieces, start matching the other parts with respective areas.
  7. You can hover on the image icon above the bar to view the complete picture.
  8. You might find it difficult in the beginning, but it fun once you’ve started solving it.
  9. Go for the large color area to solve first.

Well, those were the best jigsaw games online that you can play for free. The puzzle game is the best choice when you want to relax or spend your free time. Why don’t you try one of those and let us know your feedback? Also, don’t forget to share these games with your friends.



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