how to make laptop faster

How to Make Laptop Faster

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In this post, I am going to guide you on how to make a laptop faster. Follow these quick tips and make your laptop faster. If your computer has started running slower or freezing in between, this is the time you work on its performance. Performance of Laptop, Smartphone, Computer, or any other electronic device is reduced by time. However, there might be other reasons for it. You can avoid the life cycle of an electronic chip, but you can work on other things. I am going to tell you about those issues in this post.

Why does a laptop become slower?

Well, there are many reasons that a laptop becomes slower over time. It includes how you use the device, the build quality of your laptop, etc. Every semiconductor chip has its lifecycle, and that varies according to the quality. That is the reason cheap laptops run slower than costlier ones. But it does not mean you need to upgrade your computer right away. You can still boost its performance, but it would not be faster than initial performance when you purchased it.

Invest to make the laptop faster

Yes, this is an excellent option to keep your laptop faster by investing well at the time of purchasing. For example, if you are getting a computer with HDD for $500. And another laptop with SSD for $600. Then it is good to increase your budget a bit so that you get a better deal. Otherwise, you can go for the cheaper then upgrade later. But, by then, It would have reduced the performance of other chips such as Processor & RAM.

How to make laptop faster by replacing HDD with SSD

HDD means Hard Disk Drive, where you store data on your laptop. These are the mechanical drive to store data on the computer. There is a spinning part in HDD that keeps the data magnetically. It is the mechanical drive with a moving part, which means there is a need for more power, generating more heat. Hence it results in slower speed.

On the other hand, SSD is a Solid State Drive. There is no moving part in SSD, and all the data is stored in integrated circuits. Hence the speed is much faster than HDD. You can make the laptop faster by replacing your current HDD with SSD or buy one with SSD (as discussed in the previous step).

SSD has up to 20x times faster data transfer rate than HDD. Now you can imagine the laptop speed. Although SSDs are costlier than HDD, if you want to make laptops faster, you should go for it.

Pricing would not soon be an issue in case of SSD as the price difference is dropping by time.

Q. Which should I choose: 1 TB HDD or 256 GB SSD at the same price?

 Ans. Well, you should go for SSD in this case if you need more space to store your files. You can opt for an external Hard Disk in the future. 

Clear the junk time to time

Whatever you turn on your laptop, There would leave some junk there. It would be best if you cleared this junk from your laptop to make it faster. Junk means some leftover files after you install or re-install any driver/software or game. You can find most of the junk as Temporary files and clean by the below steps:

  • Press Windows+R (or directly type “Run” in the search box for Windows 10), to open run box
windows run box
  • Now type %temp% in the run box and hit enter.
  • It would open the Temp folder; delete everything in this folder.
  • You should follow this from time to time whenever any program starts running slower.

There are other junks on our laptop. You can either use free tools to clean everything on your computer. It includes an empty folder, expired registry values. Or you can delete it all by yourself. It would be good to go for any tool. Otherwise, you may end up deleting something important.

Another way is to run Clean Manager on your computer by following steps:

  • Open the run box as discussed in previous steps
  • Type “cleanmgr” and hit enter
  • This will open Disk Cleanup utility. You can also type directly in the search box “Disk Cleanup.”
make laptop faster by cleaning disk junks
  • Now select the drive you want to clean. If your laptop has only one drive, then click on OK.
  • This may take some time to identify the cleanable data. Once opened, click on “Clean System Files,” and it would again load.
disk clean up system files
  • Check the files/folders you want to delete. Please note that this step is irreversible, and you may end up losing some data. I suggest you not check the Downloads folder.
  • After checking the necessary option, click on the OK button, and it would ask for final confirmation.
delete files confirmation
  • Deleting files may take some time.

Deleting unnecessary files would surely give you some space and make the laptop faster a bit. Please try these options to see if it makes your laptop faster. If yes, that is good, otherwise move to the next step.

Disable Startup Programs

When you install any game or software, they may put a startup entry in your system. It means whenever you start your laptop and Windows boot up, that program would automatically run by itself. It increases Windows boot time, and you may see your laptop is taking too much to start. By disabling these programs to start up automatically, you can easily make the laptop faster and improve boot time. Follow the below steps to perform this action:

  • Right-click on Taskbar and click on Task Manager. You can run the task manager by directly typing in the search box (Windows 10 users).
task manager using taskbar
  • Now switch to the startup tab and see which programs are enabled and what is there impact on startup.
disable startup programs to make laptop faster
  • You can safely disable these programs by right click and disable.
  • Next time you run Windows, these disabled programs would not load up, making the laptop faster with a faster boot.

Remove Unnecessary Programs

It would be best if you made a decision, like right now. If your laptop is unable to handle extra work, then remove everything you do not need. This is the best way to take care of your laptop. You can remove unwanted software and games from your computer to free up some space and improve your computer’s processing speed.

Thus, making a laptop faster than earlier. Below are some programs and apps that you can safely remove your computer:

  • Pre-installed bloatware apps when you purchase your laptop
  • Unnecessary programs such as video player, pdf viewer
  • Multiple cleaning and antivirus apps

If you face problems in removing any software or game, you can boot into safe mode and remove it. Here is the complete guide for safe mode in Windows

Disable Updates

You can make your laptop faster by disabling Windows updates. When you are connected to the internet, Windows automatically download and install updates in the background. This may result in slower performance of the laptop. You can disable Windows updates by following these steps:

  • Go to Update setting. (Setting > Update & Security > Windows Updates)
disable windows updates
  • Now click on “Pause update for 7 days
  • Or you can set active hours to get updates installed on your laptop

If you are using a WiFi connection, you can set it to metered connection, and all background internet activities would stop. Please go through the below steps to do so:

  • Click on the WiFi icon on the taskbar.
  • Now click on Properties under your connected network
  • That would open network settings for your WiFi, scroll down and enable Metered Connection.
  • You can close the Window. Now your laptop would not use the internet in the background for any update process.

Reset Your Windows

You can factory reset your Laptop to make it faster. Resetting would remove all unwanted programs and files and re-install the Windows.

Or we can say you get fresh Windows laptop like you got when you purchased it. Here is the full guide to reset your laptop easily.

Regular Cleaning

All gadgets and devices require regular maintenance. Your laptop requires regular cleaning too. Dust and other dirt particles may cause your laptop to run slower. Make laptop faster than ever by cleaning and servicing the laptop every 4-6 months.

Please make sure you are following the proper guide while cleaning the laptop. Otherwise, you may end up damaging tiny parts. It is advisable to take the help of a technician.

Upgrade your Laptop Now

If the above-mentioned thing does not work for you, you can try the below things to give it a last and try to make the laptop faster. These are the options available for all Windows users, and you may give it a shot.

Please click on the link below to check more options to make your laptop faster easily.

Do you want to improve your PC speed?

If these above things do not work, then it is time to upgrade your laptop. Instead of completely upgrading your laptop you can try upgrading its parts. Although, the computer does not give us many options to upgrade it. Yet we can try a few things.

  • Upgrade your RAM. You can upgrade your RAM easily on any laptop you are using. If you are using 4 GB RAM, then it is suggested to go for 8 GB.
  • Replace HDD with SSD. We have discussed this earlier.
  • Replace battery. If your battery is running out of the expected backup, then it might be a good idea to replace it.

When you do it, you would undoubtedly make the laptop faster than ever. Do not forget to see a complete guide to make any Windows PC quicker, and you would know about more troubleshooting options.

Moreover, if you need any assistance with your laptop/PC, you can contact us. And we would be happy to help. Just comment down below with your problem, and we would be in touch to make your laptop faster than ever.



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