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How to improve laptop battery life – HP/Dell/Apple

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Hello friends! I hope you are doing well. Today, I will share my personal experience to improve the laptop battery life. Before that, I apologize for being too late. I know I am late again. Been busy with work, recovering from a physical injury, and some time with family. I am hoping to continue to provide some good content regularly to make your digital life more manageable.

Current Specification of my laptop:

  • Brand: HP
  • Model: Omen 15 dc-0084tx
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Laptop Age: 3 years and four months
  • Current battery backup: Varies between 40 minutes to 120 minutes (depending upon the use)
  • Battery Capacity: 51%
  • Primary Usage: Work-related (multiple windows, browsers, and multiple apps)
  • Other usages: Movie, Gaming (GTA V, Cricket 19)

Okay, so that was about my laptop specification, and now I will share how you can maintain the excellent battery life of your laptop by understanding what to avoid and what to follow.

Avoid bad habits = Improve laptop battery life

The biggest threat to the laptop battery is how we use it. Yes, and it applies to all types of battery usage. If your new phone does not last long in a single charge, may now be the time to change some habits.

Women Avoiding Habits by Saying No

Here are some options that you can control in your laptop usage to improve battery life:

Charging time

Please note every battery has its life, and it will start dying after some time. Also, there is a limit of how many times you can fully charge a battery from 0% to 100%.

Hence, leaving your laptop to fully charge the battery and then disconnect the charger after some hours is not a good idea.

Instead, you can monitor the time taken by your laptop to fully charge the battery and make sure to remove the charger on time.

Over usage

The more you put the load on the battery, the more soon it will die. You might be habitual of the opening number of applications and the number of tabs in the browser (Primarily Google Chrome).

But, we all know that most of the time, we don’t even need so much multitasking, and we can re-open the tabs or necessary applications whenever required.

This is another habit that you should change to run only the number of apps you need.

Continuous plug and play

I have done this a lot, and it led to a decrease in the battery capacity of my laptop. I used to play games for around 12-14 hours a day without any break.

Girl connecting laptop charger - plug and play

At that time, the best thing was to plug the laptop and blast as many cars in the GTA V or start a high-speed chase in NFS.

It all is responsible for the decaying of the battery and thus lower backup.

Now, if you are fond of gaming and need to work for 12-14 or more hours continuously, I recommend building a PC instead of slowly killing the laptop hardware.

Blocking vents

Suppose it’s a Friday night, and you are binge-watching a new series on Netflix. After the first episode, you found it interesting and completed all 12 episodes in one go without leaving your bed.

I understand using a laptop on the bed while staying in the blanket in cold weather is the best way to do nothing. But, it may also cause issues to the laptop performance.

Using laptop in bed block exhaust and reduce the battery life

Exhaust vents on the laptop are blocked, and no heating is released. It results in overheating the battery, processor, and the entire laptop.

Hence, use a laptop table for the bed whenever possible to avoid such inconvenience and indirectly improve your laptop’s battery.

How to Improve laptop battery life

Those were some of the habits that you need to change eliminate from your life completely to keep the battery and your laptop healthy.

Now, let me guess, you did not follow the above points on time, and now the battery is giving you a hard time.

Don’t worry; you can still get the best out of it by following the steps below to improve the laptop battery life.

Battery saving mode

Both Windows and Mac have the battery saving mode in which it reduces the load on the battery by disabling the background activities, low hardware usage, dimming the backlit, etc.

Windows 11 Battery Saving Mode

Make sure to enable the battery-saving mode if you want to avoid plugging in a charger. Please note that enabling the battery-saving mode may reduce the laptop performance.

Eliminate background processes

When you enable the battery saving mode, the OS will automatically terminate the background processes. But you can take control of it by manually terminating the apps and their operations.

Minimize the load

We all love playing cool, exciting games on the computer, and now, with the involvement of high-end CPUs and GPUs, playing high-end games has become possible. Some of these games include GTA Online, Call of Duty: Warzone, etc.

But, playing too many games on the laptop may affect the battery life as the laptop is usually plugged in to avoid interruptions in the gaming.

If you are totally into playing games, I recommend getting a Desktop and keeping the laptop mainly for work, normal gaming, or no gaming at all. Otherwise, the degrading life of the battery may soon convert your laptop to a desktop.


Cleaning the laptop from time to time improves the performance and reduces the heating of the laptop, thus improving the laptop’s battery life.

Laptop cleaning to improve performance and battery

If you are not getting adequate backup from your laptop’s battery, you should give cleaning a try. You can get a cleaning kit for your laptop by from Amazon.

Monitor battery life

The battery capacity of any device tends to reduce after a specific time. Or we can say that every battery has a life span.

Now, this life span may decrease/increase how you use the device. Hence, it directly affects the life span of your device (laptop or smartphone).

You should monitor the battery life to be aware of the time needed to replace the battery or take a specific action.

Make a choice before buying a laptop.

Not all laptops have a poorly performing battery when it comes to multiple usage, gaming, or day-to-day tasks.

You can avoid worrying about the laptop battery life if you make a good choice while buying the laptop.

For example, Apple laptops usually have better battery backup and optimization to improve the device’s performance.

But it totally depends upon your requirements and, of course, the budget.


So far, we have discussed some instructions that you can follow to improve the battery life of your laptop and prevent damage to the laptop battery. I hope these methods will be helpful and will definitely enhance the laptop battery life.

If you have any suggestions/feedback about the content on this site, please feel free to share with by leaving a comment below.



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