50+ Important Mac Keyboard Shortcuts to save time

50+ Keyboard shortcuts to use on Mac

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You know that using keyboards shortcuts can enhance your working speed. If you are good with using Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac, Windows, or even Excel, you can speed up your work gradually. However, it needs practice and knowing all about the keyboard of your computer. You can save a lot of time by using these key combinations.

Before moving further, I suggest you get comfortable with the keyboard of your computer/laptop. You can even try practicing on some free typing software online/ offline to improve your typing speed and learn everything about the keyboard you use.

Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Ok, so let us start with keyboard shortcuts on Mac. Please note that the keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows computers are similar. Here is the table will all the keyboard shortcuts for your computer running macOS. The positive sign (plus +) indicates that you need to use both keys together; there is no need to press the Plus button.

CopyCommand + C
CutCommand + X
PasteCommand + V
Select AllCommand + A
UndoCommand + Z
RedoShift + Command + Z
Find items / open find WindowCommand + F
Find NextCommand + G
Hide front AppCommand + H
Hide all apps but view Front AppOption + Command + H
Minimize current window to dockCommand + M
Minimize all windows of current appOption + Command + M
Open the selected itemCommand + O
Save current documentCommand + S
Print current documentCommand + P
Open new TabCommand + T
Close front windowCommand + W
Close all windowsOption + Command + W
Force quit any appOption + Command + Esc
Show or hide the Spotlight searchCommand + Space bar
Show character viewer (emoji and symbols)Control + Command + Space bar
Full-screen mode for an appControl + Command + F
Preview selected item using Quick LookSpace bar
Switch to the next recent appCommand + Tab
Take screenshotShift + Command + 3
Capture a portion of the screenShift + Command + 4
Capture a window or menuShift + Command + 4 + Space bar
Create new folderShift + Command + N
Put your computer to sleepOption + Command + Power Button or Option + Command + Media Eject
Put display to sleepControl + Shift + Power Button or Control + Shift + Media Eject
Force restart computer (without saving any opened app or document)Control + Command + Power Button
Quit apps and restart computer (prompt for saving an opened document)Control + Command + Media Eject 
Quit all apps and shut down computerControl + Option + Command + Power Button
Immediate Lock ScreenControl + Command + Q
Logout or sign outShift + Command + Q
Immediate Logout or sign outOption + Shift + Command + Q
Duplicate selected filesCommand + D
Eject selected disk or volumeCommand + E
Refresh/reload the pageCommand + R
Check for software updates againCommand + R
Open computer windowShift + Command + C
Open desktop folderShift + Command + D
Open recent windowShift + Command + F
Go to folder windowShift + Command + G
Home folder of current accountShift + Command + H
iCloud driveShift + Command + I
Network windowShift + Command + K
Downloads folderOption + Command + L
Open documents folderShift + Command + O
AirDrop windowShift + Command + R
show or hide the tab barShift + Command + T
Utilities folderShift + Command + U
Show/hide the dockOption + Command + D
Show view optionsCommand + J
New finder windowCommand + N
Open selected itemCommand + Down Arrow
Empty the trashShift + Command + Delete
Empty trash without confirmationOption + Shift + Command + Delete
Important Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Document Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac

Bold textCommand + B
Italic textCommand + I
Underline textCommand + U
Add weblinkCommand + K
Font windowCommand + T
Definition of a selected wordControl + Command + D
Spelling and grammar windowShift + Command + Colon (:)
Find misspelled wordsCommand + Semicolon (;)
Delete text between insertion point and end of the lineControl + K
Scroll up one pageFn + Up Arrow
Scroll down one pageFn + Down Arrow
Scroll to beginning of documentFn + Left Arrow
Scroll to end of documentFn + Right Arrow
center the cursorControl + L
Help menuShift + Command + Question Mark (?)
move character forwardControl + F
move character backwardControl + B
move up one lineControl + P
move down one lineControl + N
Search fieldOption + Command + F
Show / hide toolbar in appOption + Command + T
Copy style (formatting settings)Option + Command + C
Paste styleOption + Command + V
Paste and match styleOption + Shift + Command + V
Hide / Show inspector windowOption + Command + I
Page setupShift + Command + P
Save AsShift + Command + S
Decrease sizeShift + Command + Minus (-)
Increase sizeShift + Command + Plus (+)


Those were most of the keyboard shortcuts on Mac that you will need. For regular web browsing and document editing, you will be using roughly 20-25 shortcuts. Still, it’s a good idea to know about basic key combinations for faster work.
Do not worry about memorizing these shortcuts. The more you use those easier it will be to use the combinations. However, there are some shortcuts that you should keep in mind.
For example, document formatting that includes Bold, Italic, Underline, selecting all, copy-paste, move the cursor or insertion point, find, replace, search, etc., are necessary tasks that can be improved with the help of shortcuts.
You can find more keyboard shortcuts and stay updated with the Mac updates from Apple’s official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I undelete an item?

You can use Command + Z to undo an action.

What is the command key?

The command key (⌘) is the Apple key that you will find only on Apple computers and can use to insert commands and shortcuts.

How to restart my computer instantly?

You can use the Control + Command + Power Button keyboard shortcut to restart a mac computer instantly. It will not ask for confirmation to save any opened document.


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