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AARP Free Games Online – Top 7 Games

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Do you like playing online games in your free time? This post is about finding the best AARP free games online. Today, we will compare the best 7 games that you will find on AARP. These games are suitable for any age group, and older people can take advantage of using their wisdom while playing these games.

Yes, I am talking about words games here. A guy with good knowledge about words can wonder in word-based games such as Crossword’s puzzle, Scrabble, Sudoku, Upwords, Hangman, Boggle, etc. If you have played any of that game earlier, it is excellent. If not, there is nothing wrong with trying today.

AARP Games

If you don’t know about AARP games, then let me give you a quick introduction about them. The players familiar with AARP games can skip this section and move to the next, where I will compare AARP free games that you can play online.

AARP (aka, American Association of Retired Persons) is America’s leading organization for people above 50 and older. AARP provides member benefits such as Work & Jobs, Health & Wellness, Finances, Technology, Shopping & Groceries, Entertainment, Games, Marketing, Lobbying services, and many other services to all of its users. You can become a member by paying just $12 a year to start, then $16/year.

The games you will find on AARP websites are divided into two categories, one Member Only game, two AARP free games online. You can play these free games directly on any web browser of your computer without even having to register on the website.

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How to play AARP Free Games Online

Ok, so you know about AARP and the free games provided by them. But you must be wondering how you would play these games on your computer. Follow the most straightforward step-by-step guide below, and you will learn to play AARP free games in minutes.

1. First, open any web browser available on your computer and visit by typing it in the address bar. I suggest using the Microsoft Edge browser rather than using Google Chrome if you have an old computer. There is no need to type HTTPS://; you can simply type the website address and press enter. The next webpage will look something like this (refer to the image).

AARP Free Games Website

2. When you scroll down a bit on the website, you will find various game types to play on AARP. They have a massive collection of games preferred by older people, such as Solitaire, Mahjong, Word, Arcade, Juegos, Atari, and more.

3. From the menu under Games, you can switch to the AARP games type or view all games. If you are looking for any specific game that is your favorite, simply put your query in the search bar (refer to the image below).

Search for free games online

4. You will also come across some games that are not in the category of AARP free games. Such games are available to play only for members. These games have a padlock sign and “Members Only” written on them. You can avoid clicking on some games if you only want to play free AARP games online.

5. As said above, the membership will unlock various other benefits and will cost you nearly $1 a month.

6. Click on any game image you want to play, and it will load more information about that game on a new web page. You can also see the leader board with scores of other players.

9 Ball Pool Free Online Game

7. Click on the Play Now button, and the game will load in seconds. But, if you have a slow internet connection, it may take some time. You can check the internet speed here.

You can play these free games as many times as you want. Try to beat the highest score.

Top AARP Free Games Online

Ok, so you know about AARP and the free games provided by them. Let us see what the best options are to try online on their game site. Please note that most of the AARP free games that you will play are imported from Arkadium. If you want, you can directly play free games online on Arkadium too.

1. Daily Crossword Free Online Game

Daily Crossword is one of the best word games you will find online. The game includes a daily free Crossword puzzle. And let me tell you, these puzzles are not so easy. If you want to use your time while exercising your brain, this game is for you.

On the search box, type “daily crossword” or just “crossword” and hit the enter button. It will load many crossword games that you can play. The first result you will see is the Daily Crossword.

Daily Crossword Play Now

Click on the thumbnail to load the game details, and the Play Now buttons as usual.

It will not ask you to select the puzzle; you will find new puzzles daily here. Click on any date, and your game will load within a moment or two.

Play Here

2. Mahjong

How can I forget Mahjong while comparing the best AARP free online games? Before moving further, would you mind telling me whether or not you like Candy Crush mobile game? I’m sure you must have played that game on your smartphone. And if you want to feel the same game on your computer. You can try the Mahjong Candy game.

Mahjong Candy

This one is my favorite AARP free game. You will have 5 minutes time limit, and you will lose 20 seconds on every shuffle. Make sure you be quick.

Play Here

3. 8 Ball Pool

Are you a good billboard player? Showcase your skills in digital billboard by playing 8 Ball Pool. The game provides a good experience with smooth background music. You can choose the difficulty level from easy, medium, or hard.

8 Ball Pool on AARP Free Games

You can even customize the gameplay by clicking on the menu icon from the top right corner of the game. By default, the table is green, but you can change that too. If you want a quiet environment, it also allows disabling of music.

Play Here

4. Bridge

If you can fulfill the contract, you must try the bridge online. Due to the COVID19 and busy life among people, games of bridges are getting touch these days. However, AARP free games provide easy and quick online gameplay of bridge. You can choose your contract and try fulfilling it or preventing other contracts.

Bridge Free Online Game

To find the game, you can scroll down or simply search using the box provided on every web page of the AARP free online games portal.

Play Here

5. Scramble Words

Word scrambling games are on a trend now. You can find so many scramble word games for your Android or iPhone. AARP free games online also provide a beautiful scramble words game to practice your ability to organize the letters to form a word with some meaning.

Scramble Words

Play Scramble Words Here

6. 9 Ball Pool

If you loved 8 Ball Pool, I’m sure you will fall in love with 9 Ball Pool too. You can set different rounds according to the difficulty level. If you have not heard about or played 9 Ball Pool, let me tell you, the game is a bit different but fun to play.

9 Ball Pool Free Online Game

Play 9 Ball Pool Here

7. Chess

You can play Chess on AARP free games website without any cost. Do you remember the game rules yet? Can you protect your king in this classic online chess game? If yes, then click on the playing link shared below and start a game of chess against the computer. By default, it will load with a difficulty level of 4 and a beginner level. You can change the settings easily.

Chess Play Free Online Game

Play Here

AARP Free Games FAQs

Thank You

That’s all, folks! Those were some of the best free games online that you will find on the AARP website. Play these games and let me know which of them you liked most. If you like the post, please share it with others; and if you did not like the post, please share the feedback with me. Thank you so much for reading it to the end!



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